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A pink and green baby shower

Since it's June, it has been 2 years since this little baby shower happened.  I know because the "baby" just celebrated her 2nd birthday! About time I finally shared some highlights of the day! I had wanted to do some sort of party or shower using pink and green for a long, long time.  When I came across an old cookie or candy tin in the perfect palette around the same time a new baby girl was born into our extended family I had the perfect reason... a baby shower!  When it comes to parties, I love showers but baby showers are my favorite. I have tons of jadeite (or jadite if you prefer), white milk glass and pink ruffled Hazel Atlas dishes in a pattern aptly name Crinoline.  So no worry on enough serving pieces and cake stands! Being June, it meant that my pale pink shrub rose, Bonica, was in full bloom and just the perfect shade of pink to tuck in and around the table setting. The food was themed around a "tea" as the baby girl's nam

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