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you may have noticed... we got a pool!

In my last post I hinted at something new... well not really new anymore... but we got a pool!  A stock tank pool!

Perhaps you've seen this idea on Facebook or Instagram?  I even saw a few magazine articles.  And I knew I wanted one!  Finding one was a whole different ballgame.  In our corner of the country, the upper left corner, finding a stock tank over 8 feet wasn't even possible and in fact the 8 footer was difficult to find too!

Once we had researched stock tanks, we headed to our local Tractor Supply to see what they had in stock.  They had a couple of 8 foot pools and I even had my husband take my picture in front of one that was resting on it's side... I wanted to be sure that I could float comfortably after all!

Fast forward a couple of months, to July 2018, and my husband bought me one and we were able to just fit it onto our trailer to bring it home.

8 feet is a lot wider than one would think.  For some of you that live in more rural parts of the country and h…

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