1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and catching up

In all honesty, this probably should have been titled 1x3, 2x2, 3x2, 4, 5 as that is how many birthdays there have been since Miss Bee arrived over 5 1/2 years ago!  And I will warn you... this is a pretty long post!

We recently celebrated the little guy's birthday, he turned 1 on January 31st, and I realized I had missed a "few" celebrations over the last few years... so here the parties are, all in one spot.

I have to say, I love parties... hosting, planning, decorating... baby showers, bridal showers and kiddo birthdays are my favorites.  I've really enjoyed helping out with the 3 littles and their parties... sometime a bit over the top and sometimes pretty simple.

You may remember Miss Bee's 1st birthday... back in May of 2015!  How time has flown by...

The theme was a brightly colored sea/mermaid theme.  Fun colors like coral-y pink, aqua/turquoise, mango orange, purple and green.  One of my contributions, besides decorating, was my sugar cookies... decorated in royal icing to look like sand dollars.  They were packaged up for take home favors.

And then it was May 2016 and she turned 2... and I never even got around to sharing!  She was very into Sesame Street and all the Sesame Street characters... so this theme was a perfect choice!  Her mama ordered fun party decorations and it included a fun banner!

I made characters to hang out of paper, tissue poms and honeycomb balls.  A fun and fairly simple project to do... directions were found on Pinterest.  There was a fish bowl full of gold fish crackers, mini cupcakes and of course, sugar cookies.

I had fun trying out a cake thanks to Jenny Cookies and her great tutorial.  It's a little lopsided by the sprinkled sides were easy and kind of fancied it up, since real cake decorating is not one of my skills.

Unfortunately her party was small and just adults as Miss Bee hadn't been feeling well.  Just a few days later, her little brother joined the family on June 5th.

May 2017, this now 3 year old had been planning a "pink party" for a number of months... Needless to say this party was allllll about pink and princesses.  This one was an all out pink princess palooza with a fun tulle skirt (those things take a long time to make!) and lots of sweets!

A new princess t-shirt was a must have gift.

And of course the sugar cookies showed up once again... with pink, sprinkled cupcakes and salt water taffy.

And their was even a Belle topped cake to blow out candles.

And just a few days later, June 2017, meant Little Bug had his 1st birthday and it was a "wild one" all around!

Where The Wild Things are is a fun, fun theme for a birthday party, especially a 1st birthday!  Of course there were cupcakes, sugar cookies and rice cereal treats cut out like Max's yellow crown!  Like his old sister, the little man's first birthday cake came from a local bakery that had made his parent's wedding cupcakes.  What a special tradition!

I had fun with decorating for this party and lots of blue, green and natural colors were used.  I even made a little sign out of a slice of wood!

The next year was the first year of these two having a combined party... it was 2018 and it was a princess vs superhero kind of day.

I made their cakes and they were my attempt at a Jenny Cookies "max cake"... layer cakes with lots and lots of goodies on top... and let me tell you, they were heavy!

As always, there were cupcakes... with ballerinas and sprinkles.  Definitely need to work on my melted topping on the cakes... the pink was a tad bit lumpy!

A feisty two year old super hero...

His max cake, cupcakes and white chocolate covered oreos were certainly a hit or should I say "KaPow!"?

2019 was another combined party in June for a newly turned 3 year old little boy and a super excited to be 5 year old girl.  In case you didn't know, 5 is a pretty magical age when all the good things happen like kindergarten, loosing your teeth... you know real life milestones and this girl was soooo excited to be 5!

This party was held a local indoor play spot so decor wasn't really necessary... but they both had specific cake orders with "a Barbie cake with a rainbow dress" and "a Spiderman - Hulk Smash cake."

I was a bit nervous about this request as I was to be out of town for work for most of the week preceding the party!  Barbie was made before I left, crumb coated and put in deep freeze until the day I got home to add her rainbow dress.

Getting ready to sing and blow out some candles!

The newly minted 3 year old was pretty happy with his web cake... and a few other sweet treats!

And I think she liked Barbie... oh, and did I mention that Barbie was also requested to have a pink marshmallow crown?

What you didn't see in that last party was the littlest addition, Peanut, who was about 4 months old and apparently in birthday party tradition ended up not feeling well.  Poor little guy had a rough start with so many illnesses and even a hospital stay... although you'd never know that now with what a little chunk his has turned into!

And now we finally have caught up to this littlest man's party was just a few days ago... and you can see the theme!  His older sister and brother have been lucky with their May and June birth dates... parties that can be outdoors are so much easier... not so for this little guy with a January 31st birthday.

Here is the little chubby man himself... and can I just say, this is my first experience with a one year old with hair!  Both his siblings, his mama and uncle ALL were pretty bald at this age!

His sister, Miss Bee and brother, Little Bug have really grown up!  At 5 1/2 and 3 1/2 they are certainly little people now.

He was a bit unsure about the whole cake thing... just put his lips on it and started snacking.

Then he finally warmed up to the whole idea... maybe it was the sugar rush?  I had fun making this little cake just for him, as well as cupcakes and mini donuts on sticks for his guests!  Of course there was pizza as well, his favorite food... but then looking at this little chubster I'm thinking he has lots of favorites!

So there it is... a whole lot of birthdays, all in one spot!  

I have a few baby showers to catch up with here too... but that will be for another day.

Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful February where ever you are,

Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. WOW! You sure have been busy being the best party planner and cake baker and decorator, each theme looks wonderful good job!

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