A cottage kitchen: before and almost after

When we moved to Red Gate Farm almost 6 years ago, the kitchen needed some work.  Basically it was ok, we actually liked the 60 year old cabinets and the layout.  What "we" didn't like was the lack of a dishwasher, the so worn laminate counters that the gold speckles were gone, the forest green accents on the cabinets, the copper knobs/hardware, the floating stove, no vent/hood above the stove... well, you get the idea.

Fast forward six years, gallons of paint, a five year wait for a small scale dishwasher (yep, 5 years of hand washing dishes), butcher block counters, over the range microwave, a FREE fabulous vintage sink, new faucet to fit said vintage sink (not an easy find), black Bakelite and chrome hardware from eBay, handmade shelves beside the stove and less clutter on the counters...

Although the above pictures show the dishwasher without the cabinet "panel", it too is finally installed but I haven't taken a photo yet.  We actually made it look like the old bin cabinet that was already there, complete with vintage handle.

Really the kitchen has come along way.  A few things are still left, like new ceiling light fixture, new light fixture over the sink and a new linoleum (the real stuff) floor to replace the 65 year old floor that is still here - what you can't see in these photos is the floor has gold speckles too.  We'll get to all of that... maybe before another six years go by.

Enjoy the start of the week,
Chris at Red Gate Farm

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  1. Holy smokes, the before and after pics make it look like a snap, but, I know it wasn't.
    Sure is beautiful!
    I can't believe you got your sink for free...we paid 250 dollars.
    Just beautiful.

  2. Hi Chris ... I absolutely LOVE your country kitchen! Like you, I wouldn't have even minded the 'before' ... it just needed some tweaking! Our last house did not have a dishwasher so I hand washed dishes for 6 years and complained constantly that I was the only woman in Canada without a dishwasher! Ha! Now I'm so used to it, I still handwash more often than not. Funny how adaptable we are! ~Hugs~

  3. So cute! How in the world did you find a fabulous sink like that for free? I especially like the shelves with cookbooks and dishes on them. Nice touch!

  4. visiting from cottage instincts. great makeover! i am in the midst of one myself. . . also installed butcher block and a free old porcelain sink. creating a different panel for the dishwasher is a great idea, will definitely pop back in to see pics of that!

  5. Love it all! Especailly the sink, great find.

  6. Love your kitchen..I've been living with mine ugly kitchen for almost 9 years..Hopefully they will be changing very soon!!!
    And btw I have read Harlan Coben & Greg Isles..I love them both..Have you tried Catherine Coulters FBI series..or Tami Hoag or Tess Gerritsen or Patricia Cornwell..lol..I could go on & on!!

  7. OMGoodness...what a great looking kitchen makeover!!!


  8. Chris, It looks wonderful! That sink, by the way, was a perfect score. I'm on the lookout for one myself. And 5 years, huh? That's a long time! Our farmhouse came with one, but we replaced it pronto.


  9. I found you through "ain't for city gals". She mentioned you on her blog and here I am. Your kitchen is so pretty. Love the white base you used and the added touches of color. I could live there!
    I'll be back to really look through your posts later. I think I'll have a good time!

  10. What a cheery kitchen! That must be a charming room to cook in. Love the greens and red.

  11. I noticed this post at the end of your roses are red post. This kitchen looks so much like the one in the house I grew up in, I had to check it out! So cute!!!!! Love the counters.

    This makes me want to go paint my kitchen cabinets white... I keep fighting the urge, but it's beginning to win me over again!



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