bye, baby bunting (a baby's project)

There are plans for a baby shower underway.  My sister and niece are hosting a baby shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my first grand baby.  My contribution?  Decorating!  Since my daughter and son in law aren't finding out whether it's a boy or a girl, the theme is "Twinkle, Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are?"  Fitting huh?  Along with the lullaby idea is a story book or nursery rhyme addition.... which inspired my first "do it yourself" decoration.

While on Etsy I saw these vintage book page buntings and thought the idea was so cute!  I decided to try my own version out.

I found 3 different vintage books, all in sad shape for a total of $3.50.

For putting it together I planned to purchase and use bias tape, then I remembered that my daughter had bought me a bias tape maker a couple of Christmas's ago.  Time to finally try it out!

I found three fabrics in my hoard stash that spelled B-A-B-Y to me.

I decided to use this book first.  I love the pastel photos and the layout with text was just perfect for a bunting... some of the pages had already been cut up a bit, so no guilt at re purposing this book.

Using my rotary cutter, ruler and mat I simple cut the pages into triangles.

Then used my bias tape maker to make bias tape out of this cute pink gingham fabric.  I did cheat a little and did not actually make this bias tape "on the bias".  Since I was using this for a simple bunting and not a fabric sewing project, I thought the tape would still work out ok, plus it saved on my fabric since the bias cutting would have cut right across the piece of fabric.

With my trusty sewing machine, voila!  I've really enjoyed using my sewing machine for paper sewing, with this bunting and my Valentine Hearts.

I have plans to make two more with the other books and fabric that I have...

Of course this page was a must for the bunting with the "The Sunbonnet Baby" title of this chapter!

And on my next try, I think I may use my scalloped blade on my rotary cutter for a different edge...

Or I may even use a different shape than a triangle... especially since one of the books has fabulous graphics over much of the page...

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how this baby project turned out.

And of course, I have a few other baby shower decorating ideas up my sleeve... more to share in the upcoming weeks,

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  1. This is darling, Chris! I love that you used pretty fabrics to make your own bias tape.

  2. I love it when old things can have new life breathed into them! You had a super idea to use the book pages for your bunting! Both of the showers for my daughter this past weekend had twinkle stars as the theme. (She also is not finding out the baby's gender.) I love your new watercolor header picture!!

  3. How adorable! Great way to give old books a new life.

  4. Chris, I love it Darling and it can be used in the Nursery after the Shower, very very sweet. And you didn't have to go out any buy anything you had it all in your Hoarders Stash LOL, Diane

  5. Oh yes, your bunting really is darling! And you found some really wonderful books to use - so perfect! And I love the theme of the party too!

  6. Wow Chris, you are so talented! I love seeing all your projects. I bet your daughter and grandbaby will treasure these for years to come. And Congratulations...a baby is such a blessing! How fun :) Have a great week.

  7. The bunting is adorable! Great job!

  8. Cute, cute, cute!!! This is adorable...I may have to make some myself! How did you like the bias tape maker? Easy? Fast? Will use it forever?

  9. Congrats on the new bundle of joy! What a clever and cute project.


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