a holiday project: the finale that is

This was a gift I'd been planning for quite some time.  I wanted to make Miss Bee a handmade doll for Christmas.

I was a bit surprised to find it was difficult to track down a pattern... I found doll patterns but I had a doll in mind that would have felt hair and like clothing patterns seemed to be not a popular item any longer.

Finally I tracked this one down on etsy and I was in business.

I knew I wanted the "hair" to be a golden felt, like Miss Bee's blond fluff... and I had the white with red dots for the body.

One thing I really like about this pattern is that the "outfit" is just a little elastic waist skirt, not a dress to button or zip.  I seem to remember Miss Bee's mama's dolls didn't have many clothes on when she was young since it was difficult to dress dolls.  I thought this little skirt idea would be easier for a wee one to actually dress... and if not, well the polka dot body is cute too!

The pattern was a pdf I could download so not piece was larger than an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper... this meant that a fat quarter was enough for a little skirt!  I will admit I got a tad bit carried away with the extra "outfits".

It was pretty quick to put together but if I made it again I would probably change a few things and do them a bit different from the directions.

By Christmas morning she was finished and under the tree... sporting her Scandinavian outfit and with her little red suitcase full of 5 other skirts... one even of flannel, sort of like her pj's that is.  You may notice that I didn't make the headband... perhaps Miss Bee will share one of her own?

When Miss Bee got here with her Mama and Daddy it was time for a few gifts... close your eyes since I have a surprise for you!

Oops... I guess at just under 7 months we don't have that concept quite down yet...

But her grandpa helped her out and she seemed to like her first little rag doll.  Do you see a resemblance?  Between Miss Bee and the doll that is?  I used the same shade of blue for the eyes!

This was definitely my favorite holiday project this year... even with all the turning and stuffing!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season full of family, friends and memories to last a lifetime.

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  1. I love how her first doll turned out great work Grandma... Happy New Year Chris~

  2. What a wonderful gift from the heart! Miss Bee will love her for many years to come!

  3. How adorable! I can see it going everywhere with her for years to come...love it! -Mary

  4. This is so sweet! Both doll and baby are adorable and this is something that she will be able to treasure forever!


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