a holiday project: easy, peasy little peat pot ornaments

Right now I'm elbow... or perhaps knee deep in glitter, Christmas balls, angels, ribbon, ruffles, glue... well you get the idea.  I've been working on my latest Christmas gift projects.

You may remember from a few weeks ago that this was my inspiration for a gift to give out this Christmas.  I picked this one up at a local craft and antique show back in October... something that was just my style.  A little rustic, a little glittery and who can resist a vintage Santa?

So first up was locating some paper ruffles.  I could have figured these out on my own but Etsy seemed like a better option.  Before I could narrow down my choices I read this and it led me to Vintage Handmade on Etsy... such beautiful paper ruffles and the packaging?  So much fun!  I even used some of the bits and bobs she wrapped around my ruffles!

So now that I had my ruffles (and boxes and boxes of balls, glitter, well you name it) it was time to get started on my little pots.  I used two different sizes of peat pots, you know the ones you get at the hardware store for seeds?

The smallest pots would be ornaments and the little bit larger (like the inspiration) would just be decorations.  These pots are cheap too, I picked my small ones up in a pack of a dozen for just $1.99 the larger ones were a bit more.

I painted my pots an off white... I actually used ASCP since I didn't have any craft paint handy.  I also made sure to paint inside the pot a bit, even when filled this may show.  I let them dry for a few hours (well actually a few days since I got sidetracked).

Then it was glitter time!  I had some different options for glitter and wasn't sure which one I would use.  The inspiration pot had a clear kind of sparkle over the paint but I actually when a slightly different direction here.

I also did NOT glitter the top edge since I wanted to glue the paper ribbon/ruffle in this area and thought the glitter would not make a good base.

I actually used some of my Martha Stewart tinsel style glitter for this!  Fortunately I had two bottles since it actually took one whole bottle to do all of my pots!  I always work on a tray when glittering so that I can pour the unused glitter back into the jar/bottle.

Then it was time to break out my choices for my first little pot... this one would be an ornament.  I had found this fabulous pink and white sisal style tree and they even sent it in a box full of pink crinkle!  Just what I would need for a pink pot...

I didn't have an easy or elegant way to make a label but I did have these wonderful place cards from my favorite local store... they're on a heavy, textured paper and worked wonderfully for my labels.  I just trimmed around the image.

The handle is a bit of "chenille" or pipe cleaner... I glued a vintage gold ball on top of my tree... doesn't that tree scream "Dr Seuss"?

The one mistake I made was not making the paper ruffle come around enough... I would need to change this on future pots.

A cute little vintage angel and some bits and pieces filled the pot out.  This style of angel was popular in the 60's... one of my favorite Christmas memories since my mom had a set of these.

And perhaps you may have guessed that this little ornament is for Miss Bee, of course!

Next up was one for a Disney lover.  I found this ceramic Mickey at a thrift store for pennies and knew I'd use him in a larger pot.

I added a little tag with "2014" too.

Mickey's tree had tiny vintage ornaments added too... a couple of balls and some natural colored shredded paper finished this one off.

When came across this putz style church for just $.50 at Michaels I knew I'd use it for someone that recently was married at Red Gate Farm (and yes, I still need to share that with you all!).

Vintage little balls added to the tree... a paper tag with "2014"...

And my favorite... I added two little sugar bells to the top of the church!  My stash of these has dwindled so I'll be on the lookout for more.

I'm quite happy with the way these turned out and I hope the recipients will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them...

Three down...

And oh, about 9 more to go!

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  1. So sweet!! And, I love your tinsel tree! xo Heather

  2. So cute. My absolute favorite is First Christmas. I love the church. :) I hope you have a great weekend ~ Nancy

  3. Oh how sweet Chris! I love the vintage feel and the way you personalized each one! Makes me want to break out the craft supplies!

  4. I popped over from your feature at Elizabeth & Co. These are so precious! I'm going to start collecting little trinkets so I can make one, too. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Love, love, love! Your log is always so much fun!


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