Pizza anyone?

When we moved from the big city (of 10,000) out to our little farm, the quick trip (less than 1 mile) down to the local pizza place, became a 30 minute round trip.

It was time to break out the pizza pan I had owned for 13 or 14 years that had seen very little use.

Now I make pizza once a week. I make the dough from scratch (KitchenAid mixers are fantastic) and use tomato sauce that I can in small jelly sized jars every summer. I also add herbs to the crust - it really makes a difference. I do buy the cheese and other toppings (meat only - I live with 2 men that don't believe in veggies on a pizza). My family thinks it's pretty fabulous and likes it better than most of our local pizza places.

I think my next "from scratch" try will be mozzarella cheese, I came across a recipe in a magazine that seemed to be really easy. Of course I managed to accidently recycle the magazine, however I've found many similar recipes online. We have a local dairy that sells great milk (in the old style glass bottles) that I use to make homemade yogurt... I think I'll give their milk a try in this recipe.

I'll let you know how it turns out.


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