Waiting for spring......

This is my rhododendron "tree". When we bought our farm I actually thought that this was an apple tree (it was from a distance and mid-December). Rhododendrons are practically our state flower, usually I don't care for them, but this old timer has a special place in my heart. Like clock work, every Mother's Day this rhododendron busts out with pink blossoms that when fully opened turn white, tinged with pink. It's like mother nature is wishing us all a Happy Mother's Day.

Looking back at this picture from last May, I can't wait for spring! I know that most of the Midwest to the east coast is dealing with snow, but here in the PNW we are just living up to our reputation of gray, drizzly, rainy days - January through March can be a LONG 90 days.

I am so ready to get out in my gardens.


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