This dining room has come a long way

While we're working hard on the Peach Palace, I thought I'd pass on a room at Red Gate Farm that has really come a long way.

The dining room before we moved in, the carpet was the first thing to go.

We lived here for almost a year before we painted the floors.  We got kind of used to the abstract, haphazard paint all over the place.  It was great for not showing the dirt.  Although people did kind of have a funny look on their face when they came to Red Gate Farm for the first time.  Really, some people just don't appreciate artistic license.

Then the big built in project came along last spring.  I think it really fits into the room and the era of the house.

Next up, I may paint my table again.  Maybe a lighter color this time, an antiqued white perhaps?  What do you think?

Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. Your built in is beautiful. I tried desperately to fit one into our dining room, but there really was just no way to make it happen.
    Yours is perfect!

  2. Oh Chris ... you must be such a busy gal these days! I do think of you often! I absolutely love your dining area and the built in is really the icing on the cake. It is absolutely stunning and totally looks like it was original to the house. Your family effort on this project really paid off! Take good care and pace yourself! ~Lisa~

  3. I love your dining area too! Those built ins are gorgeous...



  4. It sure has! Your dining room looks great! LOVE the built-in cabinets... beautiful!
    ~ Jo :)

  5. Chris, What a dramatic change, for the better. I love the built-ins, lucky you!!


  6. I love, love, love that built in! What I wouldn't give for that kind of storage right now!

  7. Oh Chris, what a transformation. I LOVE the built-ins. That is awesome! I like the table color but a lighter color would be pretty too :)


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