Monday, August 23, 2010

The Finale: Dining Room Cabinet

The "built in" for the dining room is finally finished.  My husband finished the drawers last week while on vacation.  I primed and painted them.  He installed the vintage handles and slid them into place. 

Since last February when we decided to sell our circa 1985, but made to look like 1900, china cabinet and build a "built in" cabinet we've spent around $500 and countless hours. 

Of course we originally thought we'd (and yes that would be the royal we... I'm just the painter) build most of it from scratch but ended up getting a cabinet to repurpose from out local "reusit" store The ReStore, in Bellingham WA (see here for the start of the project).  The lower section was built from "scratch" using vintage doors.  Back in the spring we spent quite a few hours on it... between my husband's building and my priming and painting - I spent one weekend just priming and painting the upper cabinet and doors

Well, then we kind of slowed the pace a bit, as usual we spend a lot of time during the spring and summer working on the gardens and the inside projects take a back burner until the weather gets a little, well, wetter.

This time we didn't wait for the fall weather to set in, last week on vacation it was time to finally finish this cabinet. 

So... here it is... my new, mixed with old, built in china cabinet. 

Just for in case you're wondering... Most of this project came from the ReStore; upper cabinet, ten of the vintage handles, lower cabinet doors and two of the drawers.  Paint was a custom color match at Kelly Moore to match a Behr color "Gobi Desert"; their durapoxy paint is wonderful even if it is latex.  Six knobs on upper doors were from a local store, Grandiflora, in Lynden WA.  Trim and plywood for shelves came from a local wood store; Windsor Plywood in Bellingham WA.  Miscellaneous items; wood, glass, hinges, etc all came from Lowe's or Home Depot.


  1. I can't believe how nice this looks...your hubby must be a terrific carpenter! Lots and lots of storage...

  2. Oh wow, a sight to behold! Your cabinet is absolutely stunning and looks as though it was always meant to be there! You guys are a great team!

  3. Well that just looks beautiful! You did an amazing job on it and I love the color you chose. Great job!

  4. Chris, This is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! I really like the fact that you used a lot of recycled materials. Of course I do! : ) Love the paint colour too! When are you planning to visit Toronto? I think I need your vision around my old farmhouse!


  5. Wow, that is a transformation!!! Great job... I love it.

    Thanks for the visit and comments!!


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