Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Roller Coaster

I haven't spend much time in blogland lately but I've been busy the last few days.  Do you remember a few weeks back when I posted about my new love?  Ya know, this...

Well, we bought it... not just the floor, but the house it's located in.  See that little window upstairs, that's where my love, the flowered floor lives... above the lovely 60's era front porch add on.

Yup, Red Gate Farm has a new project.  I know what you're thinking and nope, Red Gate Farm is here to stay, but we're taking the work crew "on the road".  I'm thinking we're a little crazy with this notion since we have so many unfinished projects here at Red Gate Farm, but what the heck, lets throw common sense out that tiny little upstairs window!

Really, we actually stumbled across this place last summer while on vacation, which I might add, has obviously now gone down in history as the most expensive vacation, ever.  But we realized we needed to save the old gal...

from indoor sliders and gold speckled, popcorn textured ceilings

cheap, knotted curtains over tattered window blinds

ceiling tiles, also with gold speckles (why did the 60's and 70's use gold speckles so much??)

70's kitchen carpet, over the coolest retro linoleum you've ever seen.

We'll try to salvage some of the left over vintage charm, like this wallpapered wall in the back of a closet

and update the 70's kitchen cabinets with some fabulous new paint colors

and put up a great new chandelier.

We'll clear out the trash, cobwebs and weeds, just for starters... I think "she's" smiling already.

Stay tuned friends, October is going to be a real roller coaster ride.
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. Oh she's so cute--she did need saving :) Do you fix them up and flip or rent or? Love the carpet too :)

  2. You two remind me of myself and my husband when we were young(er)...good for you!! Work hard...have fun...don't get in over your heads and good things will happen...good luck!

  3. I was wondering where you've been but now I see what's drawn your attention! WOW ... I love this house! You can work your magic with it and hey ... maybe it could become a guest cottage to house your Canadian visitors! Good luck with your newest project.

  4. Wow that is awesome! It looks better already. Sounds like such a fun little project, can't wait to see more!!!

  5. Wow! What are you plans with it when it's finished? I can't wait to see how things progress, I just know from the photos of Red Gate this place is going to be a dee-lite!


    PS..I think I need some of your energy!

  6. All I did was a little painting...but look at you guys!!! Where is this little gem?? Close by?? What are your plans??
    I saw you lived in Custer, but now I have a better idea. I'm in Lynden, off Wiser Lake Rd. Are you going to the craft show in a few weeks???
    Hoping to get there...maybe I'll see you!!

  7. Oh my goodness! I have been so busy with work that I haven't been blogging this past week. You certainly had a huge week!!! Congratulations on your new project! I am so looking forward to following your progess.


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