Choosing happiness.....

Sometimes it's easy to dwell on the negative... the whole glass is half empty thing.  Years ago someone told me "I am responsible for my own happiness."  Huh.  Up until that point in life, I hadn't really looked at happiness that way.  That it was my own responsibility.

I'd kind of forgotten that one over the years.  With the grey, dreary days for weather and the grey, dreary economy it's a good time to put this one to work again.

So this past Friday, with a new outlook and the day off of work, I went looking for my happiness.  It started outdoors.  After days of rain, the sun was shining at Red Gate Farm...

Flowers were blooming, even with the cooler temperatures.  You just needed to know where to look.

The Rhodie has started her spring wake up.

When I stepped out my back door, I saw 2 Great Blue Herons fly over our place.  One kept flying, the other stopped on top of the neighbors tree.  "Hello there Mr. Heron.  Thanks for the photo opportunity!"

Doesn't purple always make you smile?

And Cady, well her tail is healing nicely... and the fur is starting to grow back too.

I was thrilled to get this in the mail... there are some of the BEST ideas inside the "bookazine".  I say, let's have a party this summer just so I can try them out!

And if the rain wants to come back, the grey skies... well I'll just create my own little beach, sunshine and happiness in a jar.

Starting the week off with a smile,


  1. Going outside can always cheer me up... always!!

  2. Chris..wishing you lots of days of sunshine and happiness! xoxo...S.

  3. Chris, I need to visit you more often :) I needed this. I'm always amazed how quickly things change when I choose to be happy, no matter what! I'm also amazed at how quickly I can forget that one important thing. Thank you for the reminder. I love your photos! The flowers are gorgeous! Enjoy the rest of the week. -Tammy

  4. Our last Basset Hound had to have a portion of his tail amputated after being bitten by a K9 German Shepard at the kennel - it just would not heal. When we asked the vet how much he took off, he said $169.00 worth!

    Our new pup is a yellow Lab like your Cady. He has a very long tail - after reading your post, we are going to be very careful around here. Hope dear Cady continues to heal well.

  5. Thank you for the peep talk...I need to make a big sign for over my coffee pot to remind me to choose happiness each morning.

    Blessings Kelsie

  6. A very good reminder indeed! If you wait for others to 'make' you happy, I have found, you are in for a huge let down.

    I was wondering if I should order The Matthew Mead bookazine so I'm glad you shared it..

    Thanks for the great post!

  7. I'm going to be looking for that book/magazine! I've been wondering how good it is, and it sounds like you give it 5 stars. :)

    Happiness is a choice. I think it's ironic that the first time I heard that it was from a woman who I considered chronically unhappy. But she was on to something! Thanks for this post,Chris. I needed to hear it.

  8. Thank GOD for the sun... start photographing the outdoors is a fantastic way to get a 'pick me up' attitude!!! =)

  9. Glad your day started to look up! I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday and I will try to remember that saying. A day off of work will help, I went in late today and feel so much better. Love the bird photo!

  10. It's good to look on the bright side of life!!!!
    Have a great week!
    Chris :o)

  11. What a beautiful post Chris! So true, we are the only ones we can blame when things aren't swell.

    Now perhaps you could have your Heron talk to my Heron about there being no need to be shy. I just want to take a picture is all. It won't hurt a bit! : )

    Oh, and around here it looks like we've either relocated to Ireland. Everything is green and wet!


  12. Choosing happiness is such a great philosophy for life! Thanks for the reminder!

  13. Hi Chris! Just discovered your pretty blog today. Looking around for a bit at your photos and reading your profile to see who you are. Hey... You're normal and somewhat crazy just like the rest of us! LOL


  14. A party to celebrate our return, maybe? I think so :)

  15. We love outdoors it rejuvenates everytime!


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