Lost and Found

It's amazing what can be found on an old farm,

we've dug up tons of bottles, bits of a child's tea set...
rusty farm equipment, tools...

And here's the latest find...
Obviously, I'm not much of a farmgirl, cuz I don't even know what it is!

Enjoy your Friday and the upcoming weekend,

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  1. Wow! If you dug that up, you're digging deep:@) Happy Weekend!

  2. That was buried??! Makes me want to go out and dig, well, almost! I suppose there are 'trash' sites buried well below the surface on most farms. Wish I knew where there was one here.

    And I guess I'm more of farm girl wannabe 'cause I don't know what it is either. : )

  3. Its an old horse drawn planting til, they would use it to make a long trench in the soil with the blade and then sow the seeds in the trench , they also used it to make a trench for drainege to the fields so they wont get flooded in the rainy seasons. We see the Amish still use this old farm equipment, I think its wonderful. We have a old farm house and land and we have found all kinds of things but never old farm equipment. Awesome post and photo. Have a great day.

  4. That is an awesome find, how far did you did down to unearth it?...a little oil and a horse and you could go plant your spring crops.

    We keep saying we should get a metal detector out here to see what we can find from the previous generations.

  5. The lilacs look delicious, I can almost smell them now..It is amazing that something so large could be buried, who knows how long that has been there! Very interesting info that 'Country Gal' shared about it.

    I hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day.

  6. Nice find! I love old farms.

  7. We've found musket shot and a cannon ball on our land...
    On my inlaws land up in the Ozarks, we found old bottles and a bucket and parts to an old Model-T (like the whole front end)

    You just never know!


  8. Wow, I don't know what it is.. but seriously cool!!

  9. Actually, this looks like an old two-bottom plow, though I suppose you could use it to trench and plant as Country Gal said. It looks like an implement to be pulled by a tractor, or a horse, and I wish I would find stuff like that on our farm!!

  10. Whatever it is, it's a treasure! What a lucky find!

  11. My husband thinks it a one row horse drawn plow. It's cool, whatever it is!

  12. Love your foundlings! I'm voting horse drawn plow as well! Thanks for bringing them to the hop on friday!


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