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So no holiday project this weekend... my daughter was up visiting and I didn't get much done except to well, visit!  On Monday I took the day off of work and headed to the annual Christmas sale at a local thrift store again this year with my Mom.  Like last year, I came home with a bag full of vintage goodies, like this cute little Santa bell.  I wasn't quick enough to scoop up a few of the vintage Santa mugs that were there but I did find two of these little bells... with very similar faces to my Santa mugs.

I also came home with this beauty.  It was a typewriter that my grandma used, but my Dad said it wasn't her typewriter since that one disappeared when he and my uncle were in college... he thinks this was my great-aunt's and then later the one my grandma used... are you confused yet?  Of course these means this would be the typewriter I remember my grandma using.  And she came with her original case.

And she still works!  Although I cheated on this little Christmas poem... since the ribbon doesn't have much left on it and I need to track some replacements down.  I used my computer and a font similar to an old typewriter to print out "Twas the Night Before Christmas"... of course it was also much faster since I could copy and paste, hit print, voila... I was done.... If I'd typed it out, well there would be typos AND I'd probably still be working on it!

I think this typewriter may be one of my holiday centerpieces... changing out the poem, song, saying or whatnot.  It may even find it's way to the guest room where I could leave a nice message for my guests to read before bedtime.

And yes, I think Santa agrees with me,


  1. A beautiful typewriter and sweet Santa!! xo Heather

  2. Truth be told? Both Baby Bee and I (and btw, Baby Bee HATES going to estate sales with me - that's why I like when she does wrong - her punishment is having to go with me to estate sales) both regret not buying this great vintage Underwood typewriter for $20 at an estate sale. Went back to get it and it was gone - of course. So forgive me if I sound bitter when I say how cute your holiday vignette is. Love that Santa's expression! And I'm truly happy for you. Really. I mean it. Really.

  3. What a great idea! I may have to steal that for my old typewriter.

  4. Oh, I remember my grandmother's typewritter..I loved using it when I visited. I so wish I could have it in my home but who knows where it ended up..sigh.

    How fun to go to the thrift and look at all of the Christmas goodies. I went to one in Mt. Vernon yesterday who also have a special event with all of their vintage xo

  5. I love the typewriter. I was just thinking this morning how I wished I still had the one from when I was a kid. You have the cutest ideas, like keeping it in the guest room with messages. Love it. I remember having Santa mugs like that filled with hot cocoa as a small child. Sounds like a perfect weekend spent with your daughter and mom!! Thanks for sharing Chris!

  6. I meant to go, really I did, if only to see you! But it was DUMPING and I had a bad cold so I just stayed home. I love old typewriters and how fun that this was in the family. Can't wait to see what you do with I can do it with mine!
    Happy Thanksgiving~thinking of you this holiday season.

  7. I look forward to seeing your little Santas every year. And totally jealous of the typewriter. In 4th grade I asked and received a typewriter from Santa. Nerd alert!

  8. Your Santa bell is darling and I love the typewriter! And how clever to use your computer to print the poem! I just might have to steal that idea!


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