a find that could use a little LOVE

Quite a while ago (like maybe a year and half ago) I came across something at the thrift store... it was a whopping $.49 and although I wasn't sure what I would do with it, well I knew I could give it a new life.  I'm sure you've all seen these sitting forlornly on the shelf at a thrift store... yep, it's the wooden coffee mug stand.  Honestly I don't know that I've ever meet anyone that has used one of these in their kitchen but as usual, it was up to me to save this little diamond in the rough.

Sadly, it was relegated to my mess of a craft/sewing room and forgotten again... Then one day while cleaning and organizing my room, I came across this little guy again and having a pile of washi tape rolling around I knew exactly what I would do with it!

A couple of coats of chalk paint in Duck Egg Blue, a bit of sanding and distressing, a coat of clear wax and a good buffing and she was ready to be put to work.

She turned out pretty and shiny in her new color and I think she's liking being dolled up with all that washi tape!

And this organization is just in time, six days and counting to the baby shower!


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