i'm ready for... and LOVE-ing the first spring blooms

We had some sunny days last week.  Sunny days that brought out some of my first blooms in the garden.  The peach trees are looking pretty and hopefully the bees found them before the rain comes.

The nectarine tree is just starting to blossom, a bit lighter shade of pink than the peach trees.  There's nothing like a bit of pink on a tree at this time of year and this nectarine, as well as the peach, not only are pretty to look at but they'll give us some sweetness come August.

 The daffodils and their sunny little faces are brightening up the front yard...

 Pops of purple hyacinths along the front... probably the most fragrant flower around at this time of year.

 Primroses spilling over the edge... and under the "wire"?  Well that's one of my many peonies... can hardly wait for those in another month or so.

I won't have to wait a month for the magnolia.  With the sun we're supposed to get later in the week plus the warmish temperatures it should be opening up soon.

 But the one I'm really holding out for... well it would be the lovely, fragrant lilac.

Hope blue skies, spring days and blooms are making your days a bit happier where ever you are,


  1. Wow, look at all that spring color already!. We're still waiting around here. Hopefully soon!

  2. Gorgeous. You are a few weeks ahead of us! The daffodils have just started blooming here.


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