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I've come across 3 or 4 little Valentine projects I wanted to try this year but haven't seemed to get it together to get any done... finally on Sunday I dug (literally) through my sewing/craft/project room to look for some heart shaped paper doilies that was so sure I had... Unfortunately I didn't find them nor the aqua bakers twine I KNOW I have but have somehow lost in my, ahem, mess of a room.  Lucky for me I did have some pink bakers twine handy and found this stash of pastel colored doilies that I've been wanting to use, but not use, if you know what I mean!  Then I realized this was the perfect project as I didn't need to cut, glue, paste or sew on the doilies and could actually reuse them if I wanted to!

My stash also offered up these cute little heart shapes from Paper Source and I pulled out one of my new teal/aqua colored pens to add a little "love" to each heart.

My trusty yarn needle I use to sew together knit projects came in handy to thread my doilies with twine.  Although I had a pretty pale blue and a fabulous pale green, I only used a few of the pink ones today.

I tied on one of my paper hearts...

Added two white round doilies to break up the pink and I was done!  Five and free if you don't count the 30 minutes I spent looking for the aqua twine and heart doilies that is.

Hung on my garden gate with silver glittered clothes pins and my winter vignette now includes a pop of February and Valentine's Day!

This quick project also turned into a mini decorating frenzy when i found this little heart garland and card... since I don't have a "v" anagram letter I used an extra "a", don't think anyone will notice!

And I finally pulled out one of my layered hearts... a Valentine project from a couple of years ago and my first attempt at sewing on paper!

My collection of vintage heart candy boxes have been on the table for a couple of weeks with a bouquet of pink carnations that just keeps on looking great.

And I even added a little something new to my built in...

A fun set of "x's" and "o's" are perfect for this time of year.

But my best Valentine is this little gal... I was lucky enough to spend the day with her a couple of weeks ago on a Monday, just the two of us.  We took a little walk down the block, water bottle and all.  Miss Bee likes to stay hydrated while exercising if you must know.

So we could figure out which mailbox would be holding my Valentine to her... colorful group of boxes aren't they?

And this week when the mailman delivers the little pink envelope she can show off her happy face...

Instead of the "what the heck Gigi" face!

We're already a week into February, hope it's been good to you...

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  1. You HAVE been busy!
    Your Miss Bee is a sweetie!

  2. I really love your vintage garden gate and how you decorate it for the seasons. My dining table is my decorating spot as it's in a bright room and gives me joy to look at it from our easy chairs. Mis Bee is an absolute doll! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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