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With Easter early this year, I decided to put Valentine's Day away and get Easter out and ready before February was over.  I had been playing around with the idea of a tablescape where I could use some of my vintage pink and green depression glass this year.  Two items in my vast stash of vintage are what made me come up with this idea...

My vintage corsage, and yes, it's actually a Christmas corsage but I love the pink and green combo any time of year.

And second is this vintage pink, green and white doily that I picked up at my local thrift store a while back.  My thrift store typically will bundle up a bunch of doilies together and once I found a package of all doilies done up in color!  I've been wanting to make a pink and green statement for a while now, it was actually almost a bridal shower theme a couple of years ago.

Much of my Easter collection is vintage items I've picked up over the last decade.  This cute little egg would have had candy inside it at one time.  A vintage green depression glass parfait/desert dish holds it up just so ombre ribbon can be enjoyed.

From above... my pink carnations are STILL going strong after 3 weeks and I added additional green carnations, also from the grocery store... my green and pink cake plates really pop against the white table runner.

Tucked in the back is a tall handled, vintage green basket in which I placed a vintage honeycomb egg, pink of course, as well a large paper egg that is from World Market, not vintage but definitely vintage inspired in it's design.  It looks like they are available again this year in sets of 4, perhaps a fun surprise for a special someone.

Another view, the pink and green doily shows well against the white table runner and my painted dining room table.

In other rooms of my house Easter is just tucked here and there... I focused more on general spring pastels with bits and pieces of Easter.  For my kitchen cabinet, that you see when you come in our door, I decided to assign a color to each shelf... besides white that is.  Top shelf pink, next blue, then green and finally yellow.  I'm thinking I'll keep this for the spring months... For now I added a blue Easter egg, a green basket and on the bottom a group of vintage yellow and white egg cups and finishing it off with a cute yellow (and pink) Easter basket I got on etsy from a favorite shop.

I picked this cute little pink bunny up last summer... it sits on a shelf in the kitchen.

This little stack of cups isn't really just for Easter but they are one of my favorite things right now... they've been tucked away since before Christmas and I was happy to get them back out again.  Love the colors although the bottom one reads a bit orange in this picture and it's more of a raspberry pink.

And above that vignette?  My chalkboard made out of the original medicine cabinet door is still here but I've decided to change out what was above it to a collection of "B's" for our last name.  None of these are vintage but I'm looking forward to adding to this small collection over time, something "new" to collect!

My galvanized windmill was updated by removing the little bottle brush trees and adding a couple of chalkware sheep I picked up a couple of years ago... keeping with the "farm-y" look.

And you may notice two of my Pottery Barn eggs tucked into this corner... the biggest one is kind of hard to find a spot for as it's rather large but this seems to work, especially with the lights glowing... and the smallest blue one is tucked to the right by the globe.

And I'm still spelling... with anagram tiles instead of scrabble these days.  An orphaned half of an old candy egg has a little pink chick peeking over the edge finishes this spot off nicely.

And of course when I thought I was all done... I realized I had picked up a couple of books last summer at my thrift store with garden like covers, this one is Madame Butterfly and the pink and green cover is PERFECT for my table!

So looking forward to March and spring, Easter, blooms...

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  2. I really enjoyed all your vintage pink and green and fun things. I have just a few St. Patrick things that I have out but am going to put a green tablecloth on and pick some daffodils to finish it off. Then after SP's I will bring out my Easter stuff which I love. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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