Sunday, April 27, 2014

at this time of year, i LOVE getting my hands dirty

 When we first moved to Red Gate Farm, over 9 years ago, there was a show named Rebecca's Garden and her motto was "get your hands dirty"... at this time of year it certainly feels good to get back into the gardens and do just that.

The tulips I planted last fall are looking fabulous.  Cool weather has kept them looking good.  From this...

To this...

And later that same day when the sun came out, this.

Farther down the garden is a repeat, with yellow tulips in the background.

And again, opening up for the warm sunshine.

My hydrangeas and roses in this flower bed are looking good this year.  I even pruned them!  I know, I know that's what you're supposed to do but I must admit I have a difficult time pruning plants or thinning seedlings for that matter.  But I have definitely seen how much better a rose bush does after a pruning and I did a thorough pruning of them this year.

You may notice the lack of grass in the above pictures... my husband likes getting his hands dirty too and has been working on a curb along one side our driveway in preparation for putting in the golf course, I mean front lawn.

Another angle... I think the rose bushes will look quite nice with a plush strip of grass in front of them this summer, as will those tulips next spring!

And speaking of dirt, the many hanging baskets and pots have been planted with annuals and are waiting patiently in the warmish, protected little greenhouse.  A couple more weeks and they will come out of the greenhouse with a bit of a head start in their growing.  I usually wait until Mother's Day weekend to be sure any surprise frosts are behind us.

The impatiens and petunias I planted are still inside the house and I will probably wait to bring them out to the greenhouse for another week or two.  I've planted 100's of marigolds and zinnias in my little seed flats with more zinnias and sunflowers still to plant this week.

I think next year I'll have to add a few more of this pretty little tulip named "angelique"... it's almost peony like and is a bright spot in front of an actual Sarah Bernhardt peony.

And now I'm off to check out Amazon Prime for old episodes of Rebecca's Garden... which makes me wonder how about you?  Been getting your hands dirty yet?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

a little baby shower LOVE

 The first of two showers for my daughter was yesterday.  My sister and niece were the hosts and I was in charge of sugar cookies and decorations.  I've shared a few of the projects over the last few weeks... and of course, there was a theme (as well as paper straws), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The hosts also had the idea to have the shower invitees bring a new or used book, instead of a card, to build up Baby J's library.

I also planted three types of marigolds for party favors.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a photo of theme in there little cups with star wrappers but I DID get a picture after I added the pink, yellow and aqua painted plant sticks!

Guests were greeted by a sparkling little sign showing them the way.  This sign was the inspiration for the theme and colors... unfortunately this is the best I could get even with editing... my sis's house is a bit on the dark side, not the best for picture taking!

The table was covered in stars, vintage books, chalkboard signs, an ikea lantern full of paper stars...

 The backdrop was sheer curtains from Ikea, paper stars hanging on aqua, pink and yellow baker's twine and tissue paper medallions.

Stepping back you can see the effect... as well as the table laden with delicious food made by the hosts... and of course, the tablecloth is festooned with my tissue paper tassel garland.

 Extra paper lanterns, medallions and tissue puffs hung above the mama to be's seat.

And a few even made their way into the vintage baby doll crib tucked in among the gifts.

 Guests were family and friends...

And lots and lots of babies that Baby J will soon be introduced to.

My daughter and an old neighbor that she grew up with... just yesterday these two were toddlers and now both are or will be mamas!  Wow how time flies.

Lots of generous gifts for the new parents.

And lots of little helpers too.

Some of the favorite gifts... a Harry Potter onesie and bib.  My daughter has been a huge fan for years, even before the books became popular.

And baby Sperry boat shoes... good for a boy or a girl!

And a favorite book from her childhood, from her mama.

After games and gifts it was time for a bit of sweetness.  All in pastel shades of pink, yellow and green.

 The book buntings hung on the walls...

 And a vintage chenille baby blanket served as a back drop to dispensers full of tea, lemonade and water.

At my the baby shower for my daughter 26 plus years ago we had a picture of my grandmother's, my mom, my mother in law and of course me and Krysta as a six week old baby... we recreated it here with my daughter's mother in law, me and then my daughter and her two grandmothers (my mother and mother in law).   Perhaps we'll get the change to take one again after the baby is born to truly have 4 generations in the picture!

So one shower down, another next Saturday at the "other" grandma to be's house...

After that, we'll all just be waiting for Baby J to arrive,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

a find that could use a little LOVE

Quite a while ago (like maybe a year and half ago) I came across something at the thrift store... it was a whopping $.49 and although I wasn't sure what I would do with it, well I knew I could give it a new life.  I'm sure you've all seen these sitting forlornly on the shelf at a thrift store... yep, it's the wooden coffee mug stand.  Honestly I don't know that I've ever meet anyone that has used one of these in their kitchen but as usual, it was up to me to save this little diamond in the rough.

Sadly, it was relegated to my mess of a craft/sewing room and forgotten again... Then one day while cleaning and organizing my room, I came across this little guy again and having a pile of washi tape rolling around I knew exactly what I would do with it!

A couple of coats of chalk paint in Duck Egg Blue, a bit of sanding and distressing, a coat of clear wax and a good buffing and she was ready to be put to work.

She turned out pretty and shiny in her new color and I think she's liking being dolled up with all that washi tape!

And this organization is just in time, six days and counting to the baby shower!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

i'm ready for... and LOVE-ing the first spring blooms

We had some sunny days last week.  Sunny days that brought out some of my first blooms in the garden.  The peach trees are looking pretty and hopefully the bees found them before the rain comes.

The nectarine tree is just starting to blossom, a bit lighter shade of pink than the peach trees.  There's nothing like a bit of pink on a tree at this time of year and this nectarine, as well as the peach, not only are pretty to look at but they'll give us some sweetness come August.

 The daffodils and their sunny little faces are brightening up the front yard...

 Pops of purple hyacinths along the front... probably the most fragrant flower around at this time of year.

 Primroses spilling over the edge... and under the "wire"?  Well that's one of my many peonies... can hardly wait for those in another month or so.

I won't have to wait a month for the magnolia.  With the sun we're supposed to get later in the week plus the warmish temperatures it should be opening up soon.

 But the one I'm really holding out for... well it would be the lovely, fragrant lilac.

Hope blue skies, spring days and blooms are making your days a bit happier where ever you are,