Sunday, June 8, 2014

june is the best month in the gardens or perhaps i just really LOVE peonies and english roses!

June... and even the end of May mean some of the most beautiful flowers of my gardens here at Red Gate Farm... although this year the backdrop has mostly been dirt due to the new lawn project still in the works, the flowers still are beautiful.

The Rhododendron that I have named the Mother's Day Rhodie since it blooms at Mother's Day each year was beautiful.

The peonies have all been covered with blooms.

Blooms of various colors and sizes.

Some blooming for the first time ever like these three.

I'm going to have to figure out the name on this one.  It was a two pack from Costco many years ago and is blooming for the first time.  Looks a bit like a pink and white ice cream sundae!

A pretty dark pink, with masses of petals.

Pretty in the morning light.

This one I've had in the front for a number of years always does well.

I think this my Sarah Bernhardt..

The iris' that were replanted along the retaining wall last year did well.  Tall yellow.

And smaller purple.

Lupines, love lupines.  What a happy looking flower.

My clematis gets better and better every year.  I think I'm supposed to prune it but it does so well I hesitate.

It was really covered in blooms.

Up close you see a faint purple outline to each petal.

And my hands down favorite... well until hydrangeas that is... are the english roses I planted last year along the retaining wall/driveway.

This one is Winchester Cathedral.

And Bolero.

Bolero again...

And Bolero's buds even look good with a dirt background!

That pink center of Bolero turns pure white, like this.

A view of all the roses... and more dirt.

Bolero and the next one, Queen of Sweden, are just covered with blooms.

I think I like the Queen of Sweden best.

Although it there was a Queen of Norway I'm sure it would be my favorite.

I'm rather amazed I can grow something so beautiful.

I definitely like the English roses with the high petal counts the best.

 But this may be my favorite Queen of all....
Miss Bee... and she DOES have Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic ancestors!

So hopefully I can catch up on a bit of blog posting but it's hard to compete with spending time with Miss Bee!

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