Monday, May 27, 2013

looking for LOVE in all the wrong places

wedding photo from Melisa Draper Photography

 Last spring and summer I spent quite a bit of time looking for a "V" Scrabble tile.  As you know my daughter was getting married and I was looking to spell love in Scrabble tiles.   I had a few tiles of my own, picked up a few more here and there but could not find the missing "V".   I even contacted a seller on Etsy but she wasn't willing to sell just the "V" since folks would want it to spell "love"... well, ya but I already had the other letters... sigh.  Fortunately a blogging friend had a "V" that she was willing to part with... a blogging friend clear across the continent (well almost) in Toronto was willing to pop it in the mail to me!  We had our "V" in time for the wedding and the above ring shot that I loved and still love.

So imagine my complete and utter surprise last week when I came across not one... but two more "V"s... plus a whole lot more and I wasn't even looking for love this time!

My local thrift store has a little game section.  Where you find games, playing cards and even puzzles.  I check those shelves on every trip.  I've found some fun cards but have never, ever found a Scrabble game. Last week there was one... but not in the game section, in the dish section no less!

We're talking box, board, four wooden holders and lots and lots of tiles.  I don't think that ALL of them were there but there certainly is enough.

My measly little collection before this could fit in a small little box... and included about 10 letters over and over... well except for my original "V" that is.

 Now I can spell fun things... summer love...

read books...

 Now that lone "V" has tripled.

And I finally have a "K"... last summer at my daughter's bridal shower I spelled out the couples first names... no "K" so I made my own out of a blank tile and a sharpie.  As you can see I got the value wrong!

Now I've got her name...

 Her husband's, my new son in law...

My son's, which looks to have the highest value with that "Z"...

Even my husband's name.

I have enough letter tiles that I could wish them a Happy Birthday now... well not NOW since it's not their birthdays yet...

But ON their birthdays because I've got lots of letters and holders to use.

And all of this?  Well it was a good deal...

Just $6.99.  Box.  Board,  Holders. Tiles.

But I probably won't be following any rules since I will be using proper nouns to my heart's content.

 Like mine.

And my lesson for this week was to KEEP looking for love,

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

memorial day

A day to reminisce and REMEMBER family and friends.

A day off to spend WITH family and friends.

And for the luckiest, a day for BOTH.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

a clematis, a few peonies and the one that got away....

I'm certainly happy that I picked out a white clematis a few years ago instead of the purple jackmanii I was thinking of.  My husband's grandmother had one that was beautiful.

Another one I passed up was the pink comtesse de bouchaud... our last name is almost the same, but pink wouldn't do.

I knew that in a few years that tiny little twig would be much larger and covered with white flowers.  Against the red of the coop it was a no brainer.... although if you look very closely, the petals have a hint of lavender.  I'll have to check my garden journal, but I think the name was Gillian Blades.

I DO know this name for sure, it is my festiva maxima peony.  Also white...

And in just a couple of days...

The first blooms has fully opened.

I'm looking forward to these, new to my garden peonies, to add their beauty...

and fragrance.

So that's the clematis and peony update... but the one that got away?  Well it was one of these beauties.  Perhaps you aren't familiar with vintage iron gliders.  They certainly are not common in my part of the country.  From the 40's to the 50's these graced front porches.  I'm not sure if they were not popular in Washington because of our short and cooler summers... summers without a lot of need to sit on a shady front porch and gently swing away the day with a glass of lemonade... 

More likely the less romantic notion that they all rusted away into a pile of junk is what happened to them all... Either way I had never seen one in person. 

Around the first of April we were driving through our local little town of Lynden, WA and passed by my favorite antique store.  Since it was a Friday evening all the stores were closed along the main street and I spied something at the front of the store... and you've probably guessed by now that it was a vintage metal glider!  I could hardly believe it and practically caused an accident when I shouted out "OMG" from the back seat!  My husband was not as impressed as I.

The next day was a baby shower for a cousin's daughter and the drive to the shower took me right by the antique store.  A quick stop to see the price tag of $480... hmmm I wasn't sure I wanted to pay that much.  It certainly wasn't in perfect condition and had been painted (or primed) white.... but looked pretty much like these with a similar design.

Over the next 6 or 7 weeks I drove by that antique store quite a few times,  even stopping in once or twice.  Always checking to see if  "my glider" was still there.  Finally on the Friday before Mother's Day I stopped again and noticed it was "on sale" for $400.  Well that was certainly sounding a little better... I purchased a couple of odds and ends that day and the owner of the store asked me about a purchase of a vintage light my husband had made the week before... while we were chatting I brought up the glider and told her I was very interested, she said they could even do a bit better on the price...  I should have taken that offer and ran but I hesitated.

You see my still husband wasn't the biggest fan of the glider... it's large and heavy.  Where would it go?  Of course I ALREADY knew EXACTLY where it would go.

Right here!

 I had imagined it tucked away in a spot under the trees behind our house... I even had a plan for the tree sap... 

Because nobody wants to deal with tree sap and pine needles while they swing to and fro sipping their lemonade, right?

So quite literally my plan.  That I drew and I've had for 3 or 4 years now.

You see a few years ago my daughter and I spied this cute little building at Ravenna Gardens in Seattle.  Made from salvaged windows and tin roofing.  I have imagined this little building, with built in seating, under these trees for years now... but the glider, well this could be built to hold the glider instead of a built in bench!   (and by the way... THIS is my picture, even my daughter there, but I couldn't find it... when you google "Ravenna Gardens building" this is one of the images you find! ha was I surprised).

So I was now determined to purchase the glider... however the store closes at 5:00 so I couldn't stop on Monday... then Tuesday I got out of work late, Wednesday the owner wasn't there to "negotiate" and Thursday I had to head to Seattle for work... although we got home early I was tired and figured I'd pop in on Friday.  Friday morning I dilly dallied a bit at home and headed over to Lynden a little later than planned.... so I thought I'd swing in the thrift store first, then stopped by Kermit's Kastle since my dad was there helping out and I had something for my mom... chit chatted with my dad for 20 minutes or more and then said I needed to get going.  I left, confidently telling my husband on the way out that I was heading to the antique store to buy the glider!  Now the antique store is literally 3 or 4 minutes from Kermit's Kastle... I parked on the side street (the store is on a corner) and headed up the sidewalk and around the corner... holding my breath as I came around the corner and YES the glider is still there...

but wait...

there is a lady putting a HOLD TAG ON MY GLIDER!

I don't know what was worse... missing out on my little dream or missing out by just a FEW SECONDS!  Sigh.

It would have been so cute painted aqua and nestled in my little imaginary building...

So if you ever spy one of these somewhere in Washington (or even Oregon... California...) ... maybe, just maybe, you can drop me a line?

And now I think I'll go and work on the procrastination gene of mine.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

it's about time

Do you wear a watch?  I think I'm the only person left on the planet that does.  I guess with cell phones attached to everyone's belt/arm/ear there just isn't a need anymore.... and actually my husband has NEVER been a watch wearer.  When he's working outside he'll open the back door (which is our main door) and yell to ask what time it is...

A couple of weeks back at the thrift store I came across this little gem.  For just $5.99.... with a note that said "works" on it.  I couldn't pass up this old kitchen style, plug in clock, but really wasn't sure what I'd do with it.  Hmmm, is this how hoarders start?  Buying a clock with no purpose just because it's cute, vintage and cheap?

But actually when I walked in the door at home I knew EXACTLY where it would go!

The beauty of this spot is that the cord tucks behind all my stuff on the shelf and the power outlet is just below the top of the washing machine.  So no ugly cord hanging around.

And the note was right... it works!  And after a couple of weeks in this spot it still is right on time... compared to my watch AND my cell phone.  There's even a second hand on the clock, so if say you wanted to time how many seconds it takes to get from the back door to the kitchen door, well go right ahead!

And if you open the back door?  No need to shout.

Actually... you don't even need to open the back door since you can see the clock from the porch as well.

Not bad for $5.99 but I think I'll still keep my watch.

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