Wednesday, March 4, 2015

to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

One of my favorite quotes... attributed to Audrey Hepburn.  Certainly an inspiration to all gardeners... and well for life in general.  With garden planting in mind, I came across a great little inspiration...

Now I'm sure some of you in other parts of the country aren't thinking about spring right now with piles of snow still on the ground, but here in the Pacific Northwest we're ahead of our usual weather... and it has me thinking of spring... gardens... spring cleaning... sun streaming in the windows... you get the picture, right?
The sun has been creeping into the house on a regular basis and although we actually DO get some great sunny days in February it usually doesn't happen with warmer temperatures as well.  My roses have already been pruned (my Valentine's gift to myself) back in the middle of the month, the daffodils are blooming everywhere but Red Gate Farm (I think I need to work on that in the fall), my hydrangeas have a ton of green and the hyacinths are looking pretty spectacular... and it's only March 3rd!

All this fabulous weather meant I need to get right on ordering my garden seeds.  They arrived in the mail at the beginning of February and I stashed the cardboard mailing boxes in an out of the way spot.  On a recent Friday I was at my favorite thrift store and came upon this little metal file box.

A huge price tag of $.99 meant I couldn't resist picking it up, even with the grit, grime and colors.
When I opened it up I realized even with the permanent center divider it would be the PERFECT size to hold ALL of my seed packets!  I like to keep my seeds all together in a box or container during the planting season... it helps keep me organized and on track with what needs to be planted and when it CAN be planted.

Of course I couldn't leave it in this grungy condition, or this color...

So a bit of aqua spray paint later, which I already had I might add, and my little bargain box was looking pretty fantastic.  Even with my stellar spray painting, ahem, skills.

Of course I painted the inside too.

My seeds this year were purchased just from Park Seed (mostly impatiens and petunias) and Botanical Interests.  I've had quite a bit of luck with a high germination rate from both of these companies... and Botanical Interests packets are little bits of art work!

I could hardly wait for the box to dry so that I could fill it up with my seed packets.

And see what I mean about "art work"?  I actually try to incorporate some of these seed packets into my gardening journal each year.

I'm looking forward to planting my impatien, petunia and bacopa/bicopa seeds.  I start these indoors each year and my goal is for the upcoming weekend.

The other seeds can stay safely inside my little box... waiting for their turn in the upcoming months.

And in case you didn't believe me about my roses... this was on February 14th...

And now... March 3rd!  Crazy I tell you.

And speaking of crazy... even my Magnolia is getting ready to bloom!  I found 6 or 7 buds just like this one, about to open.

But really, my favorite little sprout?

You guessed it...
Yep, Miss Bee is growing like a weed... 9 months old already, how the time has flown by.

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