Thursday, March 31, 2011

March's exit....

Happy last day of March to all.

I don' t know about you, but the first day of April is when spring really starts to feel "real" to me.  All of the bulbs planted so carefully in the fall... the tulips, daffodils, grape and regular hyacinths all bloom.  Right now my purple hyacinths are in their full, fantastic glory.  The smell is unbelievable.  Just walking around the house, you can smell their heady scent.

The pink ones aren't quite so full.... but their smell is intoxicating as well.  Leaves on trees are starting to show, even from a distance.  And soon my magnolia will be in bloom, even if it is for just a day or two.  Just thinking about the upcoming spring and summer seasons makes me smile.

Now, to totally jump around... the baby shower I hosted was this past week.  Much to my surprise, I found out that some of the guests read my blog.  They had never been to Red Gate Farm but had seen many of my photos from around the house and gardens.  Since it's hard to "see" the layout I thought I'd try to show you all what Red Gate Farm looks like, courtesy of Google maps. 

In the first photo I've outlined Red Gate Farm in yellow.... although it is more or less centered.  You can see the farmed field and how the place is situated towards the road.  You may notice that the house and buildings are all tucked into the front left hand (or west) corner.  A good farmer wouldn't want to waste his farm able crop land by plunking a house in the middle.  Our place is fairly close to the road, not uncommon in the 20's when needed to run electrical lines. You can also get an impression of the area around us.  Still mostly parcels of farm land that isn't developed.  Below our place in the photo is a creek as well as the home of the family we purchased Red Gate Farm from.  That home site is older than ours, from before the turn of the 19th century.

This second photo is a closer up shot.  I've taken time to label buildings and a few other things I've posted about.  The front of the house faces South, towards the road.  Of course like many old farm homes, the main front entrance isn't used... the back porch faces West and is entrance used by all.  The house really isn't that close to the road but when you have a really big yard, it appears that way.  Our road also has very little traffic... except for during the raspberry harvest.

If you look closely you will notice green "dots" above the coop... those are the fruit trees we planted six years ago.  Apples, plums, pears and even a nectarine.  This photo appears to have been taken in the summer of 2008 since the chicken and dog run on the back of the coop isn't there... it was built in the spring of 2009. 

Oh, so happy tomorrow is Friday!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

What a wonderful day...... or weekend

It was a wonderful weekend here at Red Gate Farm.  Yesterday started with the sun peeking out.  The horizon starting to glow.

Spreading to the greenhouse...

then the pumphouse...

and finally the barn.

Today, Sunday, I got to spend time here.  In my sewing room.

Getting ready for the fast approaching baby shower.  By making this...

into this.  A cute, Anthropolgie inspired, tea towel made from a piece of vintage linen tablecloth.  With a few added embellishments.

Let me show you a close up of the ribbon.  I love this little ribbon with the cute little mushrooms.  But "shhhh" don't tell, it's a surpise.  Part of a prize for one of the baby shower games.

Sad to see the weekend go,

Friday, March 25, 2011

What's in the barn?

Maybe you've wondered what we use our barn for, or perhaps what keep there.... it is rather large, with lots of space for storing lumber as well as the "big tools" and machines we've acquired.  Someday it will have a second floor... maybe a loft with a view of Mt. Baker.

But right now, well it's mostly full of the tractors this household has acquired.  Red tractors.  I've been led to believe Farmall Red is the only color that matters in vintage tractors.
This one is my favorite.  Isn't it cute how it's off center. This beauty is a 1955 Farmall 100 - the off set part is because it "has" cultivision.

This poor little yellow guy is a 1956 Farmall Cub.  It's yellow because at some point and time it would have been used for road work.  He's in the midst of a little makeover.  I don't think he will be staying yellow.  Fortunately for me, he's now in the barn and not my parking space in the garage.

This workhorse is a 1946 Farmall B.

I'm not sure I like the white grill on this one. It'a 1952 or 1953 and is a Farmall Super C.

And here's another cutie... it's a 1941 Farmall A.

This fellow is destined to be parts.  He'll be able to help others be restored to their glory.

And this big fella is the one that started it all.   This monster is a 1946 Farmall M... and it's tires are almost as big as me.

So... what's in your barn?  And the final question is... are you fan of red or (gasp) a fan of green?

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dreaming in color

Spring is the time when we go from grey days...

To green... you thought I was going to say color huh?  Well it's still a little early for most color around this little corner of Washington.  Lots of green with just a hint or a promise of the colorful days to come.

Really needing a color pick me up after our beautiful sunny days, I headed over to the local garden store & greenhouse.

We're fortunate to have a locally, family owned greenhouse that grows unbelievable amounts of annuals and in the fall, poinsettias.

Since it's still early, it's mostly violas and primroses so far, but soon their gorgeous and gargantuan hanging baskets will be overflowing with color.

As for Red Gate Farm, well this brave little daffodil and a couple of purple hyacinths are my blooming color so far.

It's almost the weekend,

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Do you ever look at the "labels" gadget many blogger use?  It took me a bit, but I recently figured out how to have my "labels" show in the square, multi sized words instead of a plain ol' list.  It's called "cloud" and each word is sized based on the number of posts attached to it.  You all probably know this, but it took a bit for me to discover it!

I think this tells a lot about me and my fellow "cloud label using bloggers".  For me, it seems to all be about...

Happiness, I'm easy to please... a coke and a burger from Burgermaster make me happy.

Farm, can't have a farm without a tractor.

Garden, hollyhocks I can hardly wait for summer.

Decorating,  I always seem to be fussing with something.

Family, enough said as to why this is at the top of the list.

And in case you didn't notice... spring and summer are WAY bigger than winter!  Enjoy the beginning of a beautiful season,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The last day of winter

Today was the last day of winter.  I think we're all ready to see it go...  it's time to celebrate... tomorrow is the first day of spring. 

Here, at Red Gate Farm, it was a beautiful Pacific Northwest kind of day. 

The kind that makes you realize how lucky we are to live here.

The flowers are happy, peaking up out of the soil.

The dogs are happy, napping in the sunshine.

I'm happy to have found a couple of treasures at the thrift store...

A vintage globe, the kind with "bumps" for mountains.  And yep, that plate is a vintage Niagara Falls plate.... for $3.99 (can you say "obsessed"?).  Just wait to see what my plan is for this little gem.

Hoping your first day of spring brings you sunshine and happiness,