Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A vintage refrigerator cabinet....

Can you believe that this old refrigerator cabinet, currently residing in our barn, is the backside of....

this cabinet?  Our sort of entertainment, tchotchke holder, and bookshelf?  Found at our local salvage store for just over $100.

Believe it or not, it started out as a 8 foot long, vintage refrigerator/freezer cabinet... yes look at the first picture again.  Those doors are heavy duty cooler doors made of fir, that side was the "behind the counter side".  The half that came into the house was the "public" side of the cabinet... all finished in quartersawn oak.  Originally there were 3 compartments that the cooling was regulated by panels that slid up and down... right where the vertical pieces are below.  My husband cut it in half, lengthwise with his skill saw.  We were quite surprised to find that the cabinet sides and back are very thick... and filled with a cork like material.  I guess that helped it stay cool.  

He added a new back of tongue and groove boards, as well as shelves.  Although the front glass is original old wavy glass, we did have to add new glass on the top; and from eBay, a couple of new pieces of quartersawn oak to finish the top back edge.  There was a lot of sanding involved since someone had started to paint one end... I'm not a great sander but my husband is.  He did it by hand... yep, no power tools were involved in the sanding.

A coat of stain, a few coats of paint on the inside....

And we have a beautiful, large piece for our living room.  Big enough to make that TV not look like it's floating in the middle of the wall.  Plus we now have a one of a kind piece and we spent less than $150 on the whole project.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A little peek....

As I told you all a few weeks ago... I've been planning and working on changing my enclosed front porch.  Making it fit in a little better with the rest of my home.  Slowly, I'm getting it to where I'd like it to be, however with spring gardening it's kind of taken a backseat on the "to do" list.

This little porch has great exposure but no insulation, no opening windows, no electricity (except for the ceiling fixture), no heat and a front door that opens OUT, yes OUT.   A few challenges, hmmmm.

But it is a nice space, especially in the spring and fall.  See what a sunny room this is?  The sun streams in from sun up to sun down.  This porch faces south and has windows on three sides.  Although the painted floors look pretty good here... they do need a new coat of paint.  I'll probably stick with the same color which is Scherwin Williams "Universal Khaki".

One of the very uncomfortable wicker chairs from Pier 1.  I would like to replace with a comfy, cozy chaise, slip covered of course... the dogs like this spot too.  I even picked up a quilt at the thrift store for $9.99 in the perfect shades of aqua blue, green and pinks.

A vintage USA piece of pinkish pottery, in a cool green wooden "trug" or handled box.  This is one of many pieces of pottery that I'd like to eventually incorporate into the space somehow.  Perhaps a cabinet built of vintage doors and wood?  We already have the perfect set of glass doors that were picked up at our local salvage store for just $8.00 a piece.  Hmmmm.  I do have a birthday coming up.....

I have two of these green wire plant stands.  They hold African Violets.  This green also used to be the color of the walls and ceiling in the porch.  Although I still love this color and the stands, they definitely will show up more against the white walls and trim.

Love the combination of old milk glass, pottery and perhaps a little galvanized metal along with the new metal IKEA table.  Just my style... a little old and a little new.

And I'd been regretting not picking one of these white, fluffy throws last summer at IKEA so it was a must when it returned this spring.  This will be a cozy little spot to read my "Summer" by Matthew Mead... perhaps with a morning latte or afternoon Coke.  Now if I could only find one of those old vintage fans similar to the one pictured on the cover.

So this is just a start to finishing off the porch.  I've painted the ceiling, walls and windows.  I have ideas for many more changes including a new Dash and Albert rug, the aforementioned chaise and cabinet. 

Hoping everyone is enjoying a safe long weekend, with family and friends.

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