day 3 - sunshine + flowers = happiness

It's hard not to feel happy when the sun shines or when the sunflowers wake up each summer.  This year my sunflowers are thankful for the sun and warmth we've been enjoying... so thankful in fact that they are blooming a full 2 weeks earlier than the last couple of years.  This July may just go in the record book for one of the best.

Seven more days to go... and sun is forecast for them all,


  1. I love your little vacation challenge. Todays' pic is just wonderful. It's hard not to smile when you see those beautiful sunflowers and blue skies. There is no better place to be than Seattle in summer~

  2. Hi Chris, Love your sunflowers! Mine are blooming early too. They make me smile. Always love your pictures and blog. Enjoy this sunshiny week!!

  3. They are beautiful! I have a large bouquet of sunflowers in the hall. They're not home-grown, but they bring summer indoors, and that's what I'm looking for.

  4. Wow two weeks early, what a wonderful summer. I adore sunflowers!

  5. Sometimes it seems like the weather and "best days ever" just simply fall in place! I think you have it! Enjoy!!!


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