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This summer has been one for the record books in our little corner of the US.  Sun, sun and more sun... really that isn't our usual July weather, and some years not even August.  Because of the fabulous weather my gardens have been grown like, well, weeds!  In fact... I think I could almost host a booth at a farmer's market with all my flowers and veggies this year.  But on second thought, I could just have a sale off the back of my husband's latest acquisition... this 30's era International flatbed truck.  Can't you just see it loaded with vintage baskets and galvanized tubs... overflowing with the fruits of my spring and summer labors?  Maybe even a jar or two of home canned jam or jelly?  And I think there would have to be a cute little sign, bunting style of course, swagged across that back window.

And what, you ask, would I pile on the back of this truck?

Well for starters, my greenhouse is overflowing with leftover potted zinnias and sunflowers that I grew from seed, as well as San Marzano tomatoes and pepperoncini peppers... not to mention that our acreage full of corn is doing so well that it's almost the height of the little greenhouse!

The sunflower trough is full and new flowers are blooming daily... of course these wouldn't be cut and sold, I'd use the cutting sunflowers from my gardens instead.

Zinnias... lots and lots of zinnias would be available.  This one is a particular favorite this year.

My dahlias along the chicken coop have been going strong since June!  Unheard of at Red Gate Farm... in fact there has been a couple of summers where I was lucky to get one or two blooms by the middle of August!  And at the very bottom corner of the photo is a grape plant... and it is loaded with little bunches of grapes that seem to grow overnight!

Perhaps I could plan ahead next year and plant some extra impatiens to include...

My impatiens planted from seed have really filled in and look bushy and fantastic...

And I love the white and how it pops even in the shade or the evening.

My newest project, english roses, have been a doing well.  I have been very conscientious to deadhead, prune, fertilize and water these new additions to my gardens and it is really paying off.  I'm on the THIRD round of blooms!  I loved the cupped varieties and the fragrance, well simple divine.  These as cut flowers would definitely be a customer favorite.

And edibles?  I've been harvesting peas, bush beans, radishes, onions... walla walla sweets that is, a couple of tomatoes and now cucumbers!  My favorite home grown item is cucumbers... and my all time favorite is the lemon cucumbers.  I picked my first two last night... and ate them both!  Soon I will need that truck to hold all the cucumbers coming out of my garden, as well as the plethora of tomatoes, pole beans and potatoes.  The pumpkins?  Well the jury is still out on that crop this year but I have my fingers crossed!

And finally, one of my all time... old school favorites.  The sweet pea.  I've been patiently waiting for these super spicy smelling flowers and finally was a able to pick a little bunch last week... now they're everywhere!

Sadly, they don't last long as cut flowers...

But they're still pretty hard to beat.

Looking forward to another weekend of sun, fun and 70's weather...

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  1. What a wonderful harvest you are enjoying! Your garden is amazing.

  2. I love vintage trucks , home grown veggies and flowers ! Lovely photos . Glad all is growing well and you have good crops and harvest . The weather the past few weeks has been so hot and humid here to , triple digits .But yesterday and today after the storms rolled through on Fri it brought cooler temps and left the humidity behind and the nights have been cool to down to 50 . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  3. It all looks so wonderful! I didn't do anything but tomatoes and I so regret it when I see others garden looking so nice. I didn't plan because for two years, it has been too hot to do anything. But this year, we have ended up with temps that are the best. Last year at this time we had about 22 days over 100. This year, maybe 2 days!! Yes, I really messed up. But then I didn't think I had time and I was right about that!

    I do think that the bed of that great truck would be an ideal place to sell some of your produce from. That would look amazing and I would certainly stop and buy from you!

    Have a great day

  4. Everything looks wonderful and the truck is pretty awesome too. With all our rain and sun and heat I have lots of weeds too lol.

  5. Yes, do it! I can see it now (and I LOVE vintage trucks!) parked alongside the edge of the town square for the Farmers' Market. People would flock to you...sell veggies, sunflowers, jams & jellies. Tucked in vintage tubs and colorful enamelware pails, they'd look terrific...oh, I'm jealous! Chris' Country Market!

  6. Oh my, what an amazing harvest and it's still only July! I especially love the sunflower trough and the sweet peas! And I am totally jealous of that cool truck! ... I know all that beauty takes a lot of work. I hope you find the time to sit back and take it all in!

  7. Your garden is producing some of the most gorgeous flowers and veggies!! I love that tub of sunflowers. And the sweetpeas just can't be beat!

  8. WOW! So many amazing blessing in your garden!
    I've always wanted to grow sweet peas - so beautiful!


  9. Beautiful and plentiful . . . thank goodness for the sun!

  10. your garden goodies are wonderful and pretty! love your sunflower trough!

  11. Your garden is simple stunning!!! Thank you for sharing it. You are such an inspirational. I don't know how you work and keep such an amazing garden and blog so well. My hat is of to you. Congrats!!!

  12. Your garden is just charming. I particularly love your sunflowers in the horse trough. (At least I think that's a trough?) I shared it today on Friday Finds. Thanks, and have a great weekend!


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