day 4 - guilty pleasures

Vacation days to me mean indulging just a little bit... perhaps even a guilty pleasure or two.  Maybe it's taking that hour to read in the sun... my personal all time favorite summer past time... a double guilty pleasure in fact.  In the past, this might have included a coke, the real deal not diet, over ice with a straw please!  But this summer I've stumbled across the best invention EVER!  You may have heard of Zoku... they make those little instant Popsicle molds?  Well they also make this fabulous slushy cup... fill it up with your favorite liquid and give it a stir to have your very own slushy, milkshake kind of drink.  Now originally I tried this with root beer, Hansen's real sugar root beer... it was as good as a root beer float.  Then one day as I waited in line at Starbucks (yes, I am from Washington) for my daily latte I was reading the menu (because I always need to read something while I'm waiting) and there it was... Frappuccino!  Now I do love Starbuck's Frappuccinos but they are a bit tough on the budget... but you can buy the liquid version at the grocery store.  Mine sells them for around $4.50 for a four pack.  The very next weekend I gave the plain coffee Frappuccino a trial run in my Zoku and it was fantastic!  Much better than the blender that you need to add ice and get a watered down version with icy chunks!  And even with the cost of my Zoku ($19.99 at Williams-Sonoma) I think I'll be ahead by the end of the summer... well at least compared to buying a Frappuccino twice on the weekends.

So to guilty pleasures... you can find me here enjoying my ice cold Frappuccino and my latest mystery on my Kindle... swinging in the glider of course.

Six more sun filled days to go,


  1. I have never heard of a zoku. Very interesting. Must look it up! Here's to relaxing!


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