Monday, April 26, 2010

Finally, new kitchen counters.......

Although the dining room project is still unfinished, we have moved on to new kitchen countertops. We decided to put in butcher block countertops.

I have seen many pictures of these countertops from IKEA... they look nice and they are CHEAP.

It was only $329 plus tax for our entire kitchen (it is small but still!). My husband found an old farmhouse sink, the kind with drainboards on each side, for free on Craigslist last summer. Now we're on the hunt for a faucet to fit.
I can hardly wait to get rid of the old countertops, as you can see they are very worn.
Some of them don't even have any "50's" gold flecks left.

*Still needing to put the front on the dishwasher - but after 5 years without one I'm happy just to have one.

The old linoleum floors still look pretty good.... Can't wait for the "after" picture.

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