Monday, May 6, 2013

a new spin on my garden journaling

One of my first posts ever was about my yearly garden journal.  It was one of those things I started the first year/spring here at Red Gate Farm... way back in 2005.  It started as a way to remember what I planted, where I planted it, when I planted it, the weather, where I got seeds or plants and sometimes even the price!

But this year, well, I've been lax on my current garden journal.  I've had good intentions but up until now I've just jotted a few notes on a printed calendar so that I wouldn't forget the "whats" and the "whens"!  I was perusing Pinterest and came upon some fabulous inspirations for garden journals.

This one is my favorite inspiration... I love the "scrap booking" feel it has... with bits and pieces of ephemera.

And you can never go wrong with some polka dotted washi tape to hold stuff in place!

I'm sharpening my colored pencils after seeing this...

And I really want to incorporate lots of photos... finally!  Actually this has been a goal for prior versions that I've never quite managed... but perhaps this year?

And I may even use a few "pre printed" items like this...

But the idea really came together when I came upon this little beauty a few weeks ago at the thrift store.

A vintage "record" book... for just $1.00!

Full of fabulous, lined and most importantly, blank pages.  Pages waiting to be filled up with something fabulous.

Once I decided this is the way I wanted to go for my journal this year, I went to Etsy to stock up on some washi tape for my little project... it was tough to decide as you can see!  Fortunately the vendor I purchased from is close by (in Washington) and I received them the day after I ordered them, with free shipping no less!

Fun dots, stripes, flowers and plain old designs.

Then I broke out my colored pencils... my Martha Stewart colored pencils that I just love, they're smooth, round and white!   I got my cheat-sheet calendar off the fridge and decided to jump right in... sort of planning and creating as I go.

The first page was blank so I made a title page... with a little "art".  (It's my garden fence but I'm sure you all knew that, right?)

I like to have a running journal of dated items.  In the past I've had actual little notebooks that I could section and rearrange pages.  Since that won't be possible this time, I will probably intersperse some pages with info from seed packets and plant tags.  And perhaps a few vintage items like old photos, postcards and seed packets...

But the journal starts with my first actual "gardening" back in March.

A little picture and some washi tape.

On to April and tulips.  I plan to leave the left pages blank and just write on the right side.   Then I can go back and add in some pictures, tags or seed packets on the left sides.

Of course a garden plan for the veggie garden is a must each year.  Many times there's a little tweaking as I plant but generally I stick to the plan.  I have a fabulous book named The Vegetable Gardener's Bible that has information on what not to plant together or what not to follow after last year.  By making my plan I'm able to keep all of this in mind.  As you can see, I also make room for flowers in my garden.... so I have lots of them to cut all summer long.

Another sketch of the garden along the driveway... just in front of the retaining wall my husband put in last summer.  I'm no artist and nope, this isn't to scale... AND I learned that gel pens do NOT right on colored pencil.  So in future sketches I will be writing BEFORE I use the colored pencil (phooey).

But in reality it looks a little more like this from the top end... and the roses aren't planted yet.

Another view looking back up from the driveway, you see the locust tree just starting to leaf out.

What do you think I will be writing in my journal for today, May 6th?

Why that we hit 80 degrees for the second day in a row... rather unusual for us in July or August let alone May.  That at 9:10 pm it's still 65 degrees outside... and 80 inside... but no complaints from me.  We don't have enough hot days to complain about!

I'll also note that my lilac is in full bloom after these hot sunny day... and that I can SMELL IT when I step out my back door and it's at least 75 feet away!  I'll be sure to develop a few of these pictures for my journal too.

And finally, that I had to water EVERYTHING in the garden since it was so dry and no rain in sight for a number of days still...

And that my resident hummingbirds followed me and my watering wand around the garden... buzzing me all the while.

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  1. Love this post.(like all you do). This is such a great idea and you have shown it in such a way that I think I may actually be able to do that too...I even have colored pencils ..not Martha's but pretty nice ones just the same and a vintage ledger book that might work also. I'm all excited about getting started on my journal now..thanks.

  2. You will treasure this journal for years to come. Very pretty and practical too.

  3. Oh my goodness! Your garden journal is amazing, it will be a treasure for years to come and a fun book to curl up with on a cold winter afternoon and dream of spring :)
    I love lilacs and yours are beautiful. I have a very small bush that I'm babying along. It didn't bloom this year, but maybe next year will be it's year to amaze me.
    Have a lovely week, and have fun with your journal :)

  4. You have a wonderful garden to write about. I love the look of some of the journals you found. Love your lilacs...I can almost smell them!

  5. Great garden journal ideas and inspiration...

  6. You inspired me to start a garden journal last year, but mine looks nothing like your journal. Such a lovely idea. And I love the way you appreciate the beauty that surrounds you!

  7. Nice garden, especially the flower bed, its simple and very neat, filling it with colorful flowers will make it stand out at your garden.

    Littleton Xeriscape


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