Friday, January 25, 2013

a pinterest project.... easiest ever, valentine garland

 Finally... something I've pinned on Pinterest has actually been made!  I've made a recipe or two...but actual projects?  Not so much.

I found this pretty little inspiration a few weeks ago and pinned it to my "valentines" board.  I even knew EXACTLY how I was going to recreate it...
Source: via Red on Pinterest

A couple of years ago I found this set of cards, over sized cards.... and I'm talking about 4 x 6 or so over sized, at my local thrift store.  They were $.49 and the box was pretty trashed.  I picked them up thinking that some cards were probably missing but could use them in some fun way someday...

Much to my surprise the only card missing was one of the Jokers!  I guess the joke was on me now.  Since all the cards were still there I didn't want to punch holes in the cards like the inspiration garland.  What to do, what to do.... So along with my salvaged, left over, cut up bits of Christmas ribbon....

I picked up two boxes of super small binder clips to use instead of punching those holes!

And these ones are mini... really teeny tiny.

Of course, I was only using the heart cards for this Valentine project.  I attached two binder clips to each card... the Ace through 10.

Then with a piece of white seam binding and an extra card for spacing, I laid all my cards out.  I decided that since the back of the cards was also a red design, well I would do have facing forward and half facing backwards.

A little fussing and finagling and this is what I ended up with.

I used extra ribbons, including some aqua satin ribbon, on the ends.

One of my dogs sat and watched the process... I'm sure she was wondering what in the heck I was doing now!

 I didn't like that the binder clips were visible... so I used some leftover Christmas twill ribbon and strung it through the little wire tops of each binder clip... I think it hides them pretty well now.

 I'm really liking the addition of the aqua to the red and white of traditional Valentine's Day decor.

I did realize when I was finished and taking these pictures that I had managed to start the "ace" on the right.... I meant for it to be on the left and then they would be in ascending order... now it's like reading backwards!  Oops!

 But still pretty cute and very, very easy....

And since I have my grandmother's old set of cards... missing a few AND with fabulous roses on the backside... well I think I'll be recreating another version before Valentines Day but with the actual hole punch this time.

Enjoying a fabulous sunny day in the Pacific Northwest,


  1. Oooh, the flowered ones ar nice! Great project!

  2. Very sweet and perfect for your beautiful cupboard! Love the ribbons too - red and aqua are a great combination! I enjoyed a very cold and snowy day sewing - red and aqua!

  3. Girl!! You are amazing! Loved the baby shower (did I ever leave a comment - I know I kept intending to, but then getting interrupted)! You are so clever to save the cards for something else in the future too. Suweeeeet!

  4. The heart cards look great strung up across your cupboard.. which is amazing, btw. You're very lucky to have that. What great storage! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Such a cute idea, and I love the rose cards that you have, too!! xo Heather

  6. I love your garland idea! How creative to use binder clips so as not to punch holes.

  7. REally Cute Chris! I think I'm going to start a Valentine's quilt. Got the pattern and all the fabric layed out. Just need to get busy!

  8. I pinned that too even bought the cards at DT but haven't made it, maybe next year:) Thanks for stopping by my blog and the nice comment you left! Really cute garland!

  9. Love this! I've got to copy to put up in the dining room :)

  10. Hi Chris... Love this project so much I've featured in on this weeks Farmgirl Friday blog hop! thank you for sharing it last week!
    xo Deb

  11. That is just too darned cute. And easy enough, too!


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