Friday, April 26, 2013

simple, with a little help from my friends

I've been waiting for something to arrive in the mail.  I'm still waiting and I'm beginning to think that Canada Post, Customs or the US Postal Service has let me down.  So I went ahead and finished this simple redo.

I've had these three plates hanging on my dining room wall for a number of years now.  Hanging with those wire plate hangars that you can pick up anywhere.

The square shaped one on top came from a local sale held each year for a local non profit.  I literally got it for pennies.  I think someone originally was using it for a plant "saucer" since it had a ring on it that, fortunately, I was able to remove.  The larger, more of a platter, and the other small plate came from one of my online friends, Ebay.  I stumbled across them and couldn't resist adding to my collection of one.  But the three plates/platters have looked a bit skimpy and I've been wanting to change it up for awhile.

The all have this same pattern...

Recently I came across this green platter and two small plates.  They are all Homer Laughlin, the same company/fellow that made the famous Fiestaware.  The platter came from a local gift shop, Grandiflora, while the two small plates came from another online friend, Etsy.

I've been wanting to turn my little three plate wall into more of a large scale plate wall like I've seen on other blogs and Pinterest.  These additional green plates are the same size and even the Art Deco shape is the same... I knew I had something now to create my little plate wall... but I was still missing something.

Have you ever seen or used these?  They are made for attaching to plates, platters even bowls!  They come in different sizes for different weights.  I couldn't find them locally so I went to my bestest friend online... Amazon!  I'm an Amazon Prime member so usually I can get free shipping AND best of all... they come in just 2 days!  And if you're beginning to think that I'm on a first name basis with the UPS man... well you'd be right... I believe he stops by Red Gate Farm a minimum of twice a week!

But back to these discs... the beauty of them is that they are easy to apply and are totally removable!  I went a little overboard on the sizes so that I would be sure they would old the weight of my vintage plates and platters.  For the plates I attached them so the little ring of the disc was above the ring of the plate... but for the platters I actually attached the whole thing inside the ring so that if I want to use them as a platter they will still sit flat on the table.

Of course, those fabulous discs meant no more of these.... and no more limit to the size of plate!

Oops.. I forgot to tell you that the three flowered plates/platters were made by this company... Leigh Potters.

So... ta da!  This is the little arrangement I came up with.  I even have room to grow up and over the arched doorway if I find additional pieces.

 I like how the creamy flowered plates look fabulous with my dining room built in...

And how the green plates look great with all the green happening in the kitchen... just through the arched door.

 The discs allow the plates to hang pretty flat, as you can see.  I may even add a shallow bowl to the mix since the discs work on bowls as well.

But perhaps you're still wondering what held the project up... it wasn't the two green plates or the discs, both ordered online...

 But this little guy... sorry for the blurry but this image is from the posting on Etsy.  I thought the colors and the cottage scene would look fabulous with the other plates.   I purchased this little plate to add to my collection and am still waiting.  The seller is checking on the package since it's been a month... I know that customs can really hold things up but this is a bit ridiculous.  Cross your fingers for me... I'll be very disappointed if it's "lost"!

Obviously I went ahead with this project while I'm waiting.
A very, very simple project... with a bit of help from my friends,

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  1. Your little lost plate is so sweet. Hopefully it will arrive soon and can join the rest..I can see why you were waiting on it as they will all look great in a group.

    Have a happy weekend, it's supposed to be half way decent. xo

  2. I love your arrangement, but then I am a big fan of old china hanging on walls!
    My bet would be that it is Canada Post holding things up. We get worse and worse service up here every year.

  3. Oh gosh.... I always disliked those metal plate hangers. Those new hangers look neat, and you plates on the wall really fill that space nicely. Love the green!

  4. Hoping you get your little plate soon. I have a heap of those metal hangers and find them difficult to use. I will have to look into the Disc hangers. I tried using pop tabs and hot glue (a pinterest idea) on four brown transferware in my dining room. One day I heard a bang and found one on the floor. Surprisingly it wasn't a crash and I will be able to hang it again.

  5. Love the addition of the green! Hope your new treasure will make an appearance soon!

  6. I love your plate wall Chris - such a pretty mix and a great shade of green! I could totally see more plates continuing over the arch. And I sure hope those hangers work. I just bought a bunch and plan to do a plate wall in my bedroom. I don't want to hear a crash in the middle of the night!

  7. Your plates look wonderful displayed like that, and room to expand over the arch too!
    Have never seen those clever plate hangers before! Must track some down as I have quite a few lovely plates that are just stacked unseen - thanks for the idea and inspiration!
    So glad to have found your lovely blog Chris!
    Gill xx

  8. So pretty and like the hangers! Thanks for sharing!! xo Heather

  9. This is so pretty...I love the simplicity...and that built in cabinet is to die for!!!!! I really like how you arranged them, they are perfect! :)

  10. That green just makes everything "POP" pretty! Hoping you get your order frustrating. Hoping to get some projects done this week too.
    My son just moved out and I can't get to his room fast enough!! Also have been acquiring some tables and dressers that I need to hit with some ASCP.
    Wedding is 3 months away...ahhh! Really need to get moving!
    Pick a coffee day!


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