Tuesday, August 19, 2014

just one more row...

Do you ever do that when reading?  Just one more page... Or knitting in this case, just one more row.

A while back I told you all about my love of knitting... although I learned to knit a long time ago, I haven't done much of it in recent years except for the occasional scarf or craft project.  Having Miss Bee around has kindled my interest again, especially since the projects are pretty quick when the someone is this small.

I even FINISHED a couple of old projects (gasp!)... like these tiny little Mary Jane style knit baby shoes.  I think this pair has been bouncing around my sewing stuff for at least two decades, yes I said two decades, and I can't believe that I still had BOTH of them... believe it or not the only finishing they required was the buttons.

A second project I finished up was a sweater I started a few years ago and obviously did not finish, are you noticing a pattern perhaps?  This baby, like Miss Bee, was an unknown gender so I had started the sweater in green with the intention of adding the pink or blue after the baby was born... needless to say it was finished with pink for Miss Bee!  Still a bit big for her but I'm sure she'll be fitting into it in no time.

Since I was feeling so proud of myself for finishing up a couple of projects I thought I'd have to start a new one... I'd come across the most adorable little green gingham dress at The Gap and couldn't resist... it was on clearance too... but I knew it would need a little sweater in case our fickle Pacific Northwest summer showed up and caused some cool days.

I had this yellow Cascade 220 yarn on hand from my felted knitted bag days and got on Etsy to look for baby "shrug style" sweaters that would use a worsted weight yarn.  I found a cute one that was even sent to me electronically so I could get on it right away.

It was a fun and quick project due to the yarn size being bigger than the typical baby weight yarn.  I even lived a bit dangerously and used the required double pointed needles for the sleeves instead of my usual cheat of regular needles and an underarm seam.  I was disappointed that I couldn't find a cute daisy like button (which is what was stuck in my mind as the perfect choice) but all in all happy with the finished sweater... yes, finished too!

Now you may remember this planned project from my "love knitting post"??  This yarn is the same yarn used in the green and pink sweater... a fantastic baby weight wool yarn made by Dale of Norway called Baby Ull.  A really soft, merino wool that is actually machine washable as well.

This pattern was a bit of a challenge for me both in the fair isle knitting and the way it was made with stitch holders for sleeves, the raglan shoulders and the fair isle pattern.  I had a promising start way back in March but kind of petered out on it when I got to the underarms and the part where all the pieces came together to be knit as a whole.... Fast forward about 4 1/2 months...

Since I hadn't done a fair isle project in years, I was pretty impressed with my neatness on my stitches and carrying of the second yarn.

Since the purple and gold is inspired by the colors of the University of Washington (Miss Bee's parents alma mater) and the mascot is a Husky we did look for little dog or husky button to no avail...

I do like the purple flowers and they are the right size and color but if Miss Bee has a brother some day we may have to keep looking for those dogs for a swap out..

.But now at least little Miss Bee is all ready for the upcoming season of college football...

In a stylish, yet warm and cozy manner!

Of course I have a couple more little knitting projects lined up including this one for winter... to be made out of a heavier weight yarn in charcoal, Cascade 128 Superwash which is very soft and fuzzy.  I purchased this pattern from the same Etsy seller as the yellow shrug pattern and am really looking forward to making this little swing style coat for cold fall and winter days.

But first will be this cute and super easy pattern out of some more Cascade yarn I've had for a bit... and this pattern?  Well it was a free pattern at Cascade Yarn's website

This is the yarn I'll be working with, but it actually looks a little more "denim-y" in person so I'm hoping it will have a little bit of a jean jacket look to it to go with a little sewing project I'm working on...

But for now, it feels good to have needles in hand again,

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  1. Love your baby knits, they are adorable. Thanks for sharing your source for the patterns. I'm expecting our first grandchild and I bought a little vest pattern for him from the etsy site! So cute!

  2. Perhaps 'third time lucky' with this comment form - it keeps on timing out on me! I just wanted to say that the things you've done already are sweet - isn't it satisfying to knit for a baby? Things work up so quickly and you get to work with such pretty colours. Thank you for the link to the patterns.

  3. Oh Chris! The sweaters are beautiful, and Miss Bee is a lucky little babe to have a knitting Nana. I think the purple and gold sweater might be prettier in red and gray though...

  4. Oh how sweet! Little Miss Bee is going to be one very stylish little girl!


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