Friday, September 19, 2014

sail into "stitching"

I must say, I don't know where the summer went this year... BUT I did manage to finish up some projects including a simple sewing project.

I haven't used my sewing machine to make an actual garment in years and I must say, this was fun!  It's funny how you can really enjoy a hobby and then for some reason you just, well, stop.  Back in the day I used to use my sewing machine (and skills) for clothes making more than crafting or quiltign.

So last spring my daughter and I went looking for baby clothes patterns, little did I know that patterns...especially infant/baby ones, are not easy to find anymore!  What a surprise this was and I have to admit, the actual pattern was a bit of a disappointment in quality.  Surprisingly the little dress I stitched up had no lining for the bodice and just called for bias tape to finish the neckline and armholes... next time I think I'll adapt the pattern a bit and use a lining instead.
The fabric was a cute pattern with sailboats.  The same fabric Miss Bee's great grandmother used to make her a baby quilt.  Rather than using the same fabric for the whole dress I used a little bit of blue and some vintage looking fabric to "fluff" up the hem a bit.  Dusting off my skills included a zipper and only 3/8 inch seams but I think I did a more than passable job!
The blue sweater was another little knitting project I finished in time to wear with the dress... You may have noticed but I think I've broken some kind of record with actually finishing my knitting projects this summer!
But of course with this cute little face how could I not?
The dress and sweater were finished in time for Miss Bee to travel all the way to Colorado, on a plane even, to attend a wedding with her mama and daddy.  I think she likes her mama's sparkles!
And Miss Bee was pretty stylish if I don't say so myself!

Here's hoping to a soon, calmer fall.


  1. You did such a good job!! Her little dress is so cute and the sweater to match is perfect!! What a good grandmother you are and so clever. She is adorable!!!

  2. The dress and the sweater are SO cute! And the little model is adorable!

  3. As a sailor, I adore that fabric and you did a great job sewing and knitting the sweater! Bravo! Miss B is cute as a bug! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. That is one darling little outfit! I love the colors and fabric combination. And Miss B just adorable!

  5. Well, your little Miss Bee is an absolutely doll!! And I adore that outfit - simply perfect! The fabric is awesome, and I'm still ooh-ing and ahhing over that li'l sweater too. Too cute! I neeeed a grandchild to sew for. Told Hubs the other day that was the only way I'd get any sewing practice ;) -Tammy

  6. Adorable!! Love the sweet fabrics!! xo Heather


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