Friday, October 9, 2015

a cozy spot for fall

It's that time of year again... when the weather gets blustery, frosty and sunny... sometimes all on the same day.  Yep, it's fall again.  Some of the leaves are beginning to turn now that it's October, I've swapped out the petunias for chrysanthemums out front, welcoming a new season.

But the best thing this fall is that for the first time in 11 plus years I've got a front row seat for all of this, in a nice cozy spot... but before I get to that. how about a quick tour of the changes on the outside?

This year I picked one of my favorite colors of chrysanthemums... this pretty orange-y/rusty color.  In my cement pots just outside my window they make me happy on a cloudy fall day.

Most of the garden sunflowers are spent now... as is the field in the background.  The corn was cut about 3 1/2 weeks earlier than last year thanks to our hot and dry summer...

The geese took advantage of the field for a week or two before winter wheat was planted for next year.

My limelight hydrangeas have all turned a fabulous, faded pink and beige color.  I think I like this stage of this hydrangea as much as the lime stage!

With just a few light frosty mornings so far, most of the garden plants are still going strong... even the zinnias are still blooming like crazy.

A favorite shot of the pump house with my topiary limelight hydrangea looking fabulous for fall on the right.

The last of a few late sunflowers are still going strong in my sunflower trough... and perhaps you see my husband's newest "little" project peeking over the roof... more on that another day.

Since it's beginning to sprinkle a bit, lets head back inside, hmmm?

So my favorite thrift store closes down for one week each August, during our local fair week.  When they reopen the following week EVERYTHING in the store is half price.  I had taken a quick trip through the store before they closed for their week and saw a cute little bit of furniture but at $95 I thought it was a bit too steep price wise... knowing I had to work the first few days after they reopened I told myself it was still there on my first day off  then perhaps I'd go ahead and get it...

Obviously, it was still there!  Apparently not everyone is interested in a wood framed, four separate cushioned, early american, ethan allen style love seat... even at half price!

It is in very good shape and well made... with four separate cushions I knew it would be easy to cover!  Although I kind of like the 70's fabric (and it even has aqua in it!) I'm not feeling the love for the heavy hand with the gold and amber colors.... this is in my front porch, right off the living room and just kinds of clashes with the rest of my house more than I thought it would.

With the new love seat in one corner, the view across is my vintage metal bench.  I've been meaning to cover the cushions on this too... so now I think I will use the same fabric on both to kind of tie it all together... or at least something coordinating.  Not quite sure where I'm going with it but am thinking perhaps something neutral and linen then I can add pops of color with pillows... because you can never have enough pillows.

I'm also contemplating painting the wood on the love seat too.  I like this olive-y rustic look on my metal bench and may try to recreate it with chalk paint.  I think I'll cover the cushions first and see how I feel at that time.  Plus with this being an unheated (and insulated) porch it may be best to wait for spring to work on a painting project.

The best part of the new love is that it is COMFY!  A fabulous spot to sit and read, especially with the bright light of all these windows... it's also a bit lower than average furniture, just the spot to cuddle up with someone special and read her a book or two... after all, this has become her toy room too!

And of course that special someone is Miss Bee!

At 16 months she is quite a busy little girl.  I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to visit her and her mama... we headed out to get some apples and check out the pumpkins!

She was quite interested in all of them... of course she insisted they were "balls"... one of the words in her ever expanding vocabulary.

She seemed to be on a mission to touch every single one of them.

And the winner?  Well it was just the right size to pick up and had it's own handle!

The farm we stopped at also had sheep... or should I say "dogs"?  Yep, another word in her vocabulary.

I think they bonded during this stare down.

I'm sure she is wondering why GiGi always has her camera out...

Hopefully you are also enjoying a cozy beginning to fall and October,  You'll be able to find me curled up on my vintage love seat with a cup of tea or a latte, a good book or if I'm really lucky... reading to my favorite little miss.


  1. Everything looks so pretty. Your gardens look much better than mine. We burnt up this year. I will be starting a new link up party next week. Wanted to make sure and invite you to join. I will be calling it "Flea Market Fridays" and it is a DIY/Home Decor only party with lots of upcycles, vintage and low cost decor ideas! It will all be at my site.... xxx...Brooke

  2. Oh that Miss Bee.. cutest little darling ever! Love your sunny porch.. a great place for a little one to play with toys. What a good Gigi you are! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Oh.. I think you are my main dose of inspiration for gardening and decorating lately. Gorgeous flowers.. love that porch and everything else too. And Miss Bee, well.. she certainly takes the cake! Have a splendid remainder of your week! -Tammy

  4. Love the new loveseat, and also the gorgeous metal bench! Wish my old farmhouse has a big covered porch; it's one thing I miss more than anything else: being able to sit outside, even if it's raining. Really enjoyed this post!


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