Tuesday, May 10, 2016

crossing it off the list... garden chair

Believe it or not, this quick and easy project has literally been 3 years in the making... kind of hard to believe, huh?  And frankly, kind of embarrassing to admit!

I few years back I bought this cute little yellow chair at a local nursery, Hi Hoe, in our local little town.  Sadly, this nursery closed a couple of years ago.  It was one of my favorites because they had tons of vintage items that they incorporated into their gardens or, as in this little chair, made into something to hold a plant.

I think this little chair began life as a high chair as you could see where the sides were cut down... it held a prominent spot in my yard that I saw every day as I walked to and from the garage.

A couple of years later, it was looking a little sad... you can see that the seat had now cracked but it still held the pot.

At this point I really should have started moving it inside during the winter months... but you know how that goes when you think of something in early October, then the weather turns and before you know it, well it's April!  And each winter and wet spring it got a little shabbier but not so chic.

By late last summer/early fall the little yellow chair couldn't hold the pot anymore... so what to do?

Fortunately I came across this tall stool 3 years ago at our local thrift store for $6.99.  Originally I thought it would make a cute chair for a little one at the table but it was actually too tall to pull up to the table, not sure what it originally was used for but someone had painted a little 80's era country stencil on the back...

Not a fan of the color of the wood, or the stencil, my original idea was to paint it with chalk paint and I finally decided upon white.  I got started on the project while on vacation in July... of 2013.

A few coats of white and then it sat... literally in the barn with no sanding, no distressing, no waxing... a forgotten little project.

Last summer, yes still dragging this simple project out... I pulled the little stool/chair from the barn and was shocked to see that it had molded on one whole corner and leg... I have never seen this with chalk paint but I thought perhaps it was because of the lack of waxing and the dampness in the barn.  I went to work on cleaning up the mold and added a third coat of chalk paint with the intention of sanding, waxing and buffing it for a shower/party prop.

It was actually pulled into duty for a couple of baby and bridal showers as a prop but then it was relegated to the garage and once again forgotten.

All winter I saw it crowed in with other odds and ends and come spring and nicer weather I vowed to finally get this project on track... and with a purpose, to replace the broken little yellow chair.  Since the chalk paint had once again started to mold, I decided to use regular exterior house paint.  This color is the color of my front and back door, a funky gold color.  Although not the same yellow as the previous garden chair, it is a pretty color as a backdrop to flowers with their greenery and pops of pink or purple blooms.

I measured, oh so carefully, the original yellow chair's pot for my husband to cut me a circle out of the seat.

Unfortunately... I somehow measured wrong!  Fortunately, I had a larger pot I could use but it doesn't sit down quite to the lip of the pot but I think I'll leave it this way and not test my luck... or my measuring skills.

And now?  Well the "new yellow chair" has a home in very same spot.  Can hardly wait until the calibrachoa seeds I planted, and then potted here, start to flow over the sides... and yes, this one will be going inside come fall... I promise!

A simple little project, but if feels good to finally cross this one of the list!

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  1. What a saga! LOL! That really is a fabulous chair.. might be someone's family heirloom that got given to the thrift shop.. bet it has quite a story. I have the family highchair from my dad's mom's mom. Oak. No paint on this puppy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Chris

    Love your garden chair and anything garden art! I am going to do a whole theme in my garden with chairs and seats. Stay tune!


  3. Chris - your little garden chair is precious. Love the yellow color. Great job!



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