Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall colors PNW style.....

Late October days mean sunny skies, flowers still blooming.  Bright oranges, reds and greens.  So vivid they almost don't seem real.

The last of the dahlias, purple and white stripes show up crisp as the sun sets in the evening.

Limelight hydrangea putting on a new show of their fall colors as the green has turned to corals and fading blooms.

The azalea that is covered with orange flowers in the spring is covered once again in orange... orange leaves that is as it moves towards a winter nap.

Rosehips, big and red as cherries on my old fashioned rose.

The snowball tree, now completely a deep, dark red.  Frames out the last of the hostas in the shade garden.

As October gets ready to fade into November.... the leaves fall.  Scattering across the grass in an ever cooling breeze.

Soon the colorful fall leaves will completely give way to the gray days of fall.... in the Pacific Northwest.

Fall comes and goes, in it's coat of many colors....

Enjoying Mother Nature's outdoor fall decor,

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  1. So many pretty photo's! Thanks for linking up to the outdoor fall decor party! Xoxo, tracie

  2. Mother nature is doing a beautiful job there in your landscape!

  3. Stunning photos, especially the composition of the rose hip shot.

  4. Aren't the Rose Hips gorgeous this year? I don't remember seeing so many, and such deep colour.

  5. Absolutely BRILLANT photos . . .
    Love seeing the Rose Hips . . .

  6. Wonderful colors. I have a few limelight blooms left on the bush. I hope mine turn that beautiful color.

  7. The colors are so great this time of the year. I could just wrap my arms around the month of October and keep it all year long... Love it!


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