Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween: a sugar and sweet, orange soda table....

Halloween.  Orange and black.  Sweet and sugary.  Scary... or... sparkly.

A time when witches ride their broomsticks up and over a crescent moon.

My little table setting for Halloween.  I rounded up everything black and orange.... right down to the orange soda pop in bottles.

A black, paper witch's hat nestles on sweet candy corn.

The vintage ghost tapers are ready to be lit for a Halloween feast.

If you were to sit at my Halloween table, you'd notice all the orange and black.

An orange Fiesta ware plate, topped with a smaller black plate and finally a paper Halloween bowl.  Of course we mustn't forget the crepe paper nut cup, candy and sparkly-glittery black witch!  This could be a place card with your name tied on the nut cup.

Above the place setting you have your very own Halloween votive, ready to safely burn in a vintage Jell-o mold.

Of course, there is also your own bottle of Orange Creme Soda... black and orange straws... tucked inside a Halloween bag (thank you Micheals and Martha Stewart).

The vintage Nesbitt's Orange soda crate is the center piece.  Filled with cute Halloween paper umbrellas.

My vintage orange and black glass pieces look right at home on this table.

There's never enough candy corn at Halloween....

Or chocolate...

So if you're feeling up to it....

Or looking for an orange soda....

Perhaps you'd like to spend a little time at my Halloween table.

You can even take a sparkly witch home.

Enjoying the weekend... by confusing my family with my Halloween party table... Boys, they don't like to have any fun!

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  1. Oh how I wish I didn't have all my stuff in boxes from the move and could decorate!!! This is stunning! What a great job!
    Cricket @ gypsea nurse

  2. Oh, I love that orange soda crate -- very good use of it on your trick-or-treat tablescape :)


  3. I'm close by...when do you want me there??? EVerything looks adorable and so festive! What a fun evening you have planned!!!

  4. It looks spooktacularly enchanting Chris and I love the orange pop...clever!

  5. Nesbitt's Orange crate! How flippin' awesome and perfect for halloween too! And I adore the little witch with the crescent moon. You done good!

  6. Wow. Even though Halloween was last week and I'm way late looking at this, I love it. That pop crate is gorgeous. The whole table turned out great!


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