Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Careful what you wish for...

This past weekend was a long weekend for me... a holiday from work on Monday.  Snow was in the forecast and I was dreaming of a little white and a bit of glitter.

We don't always get snow in this part of the country... and the forecasts can be notoriously inaccurate.  We heard we'd get tons of snow, just a little snow, a northeaster, no snow.... it ran the gamut.

With no plans to go anywhere other than dinner on Friday night, well I was kind of hoping for a little snow.

Saturday morning we, and when I say we I mean just a little pocket right around us, woke up to a couple of inches of snow.  The clouds gave way to blue skies in the afternoon and it was downright pretty out.  Exactly my kind of "winter event".

I went out to snap a few photos....however, the forecast for the next few days was still up in the air.

Sunday morning brought an additional 4 or 5 inches.... hmmm... maybe I should have kept my wishes to myself.  Now I know most of you that live in places that actually get snow every winter are thinking, come on, this is nothing!  Well around here even a couple of inches can just about shut down cities.  We along the Puget Sound have hills, lots and lots of hills.  We also do not have much in the way of snow removal equipment, aka snowplows.... many of our local cities don't believe in salting or de-icing the roads either so then we get to deal with snow, ice and hills... not the best combination.... I'm just saying.

But it was still pretty, especially if you could stay at home.

Monday, a state and federal holiday, and I had no plans to go anywhere.  Schools were already closed for the holiday so no worrying about "will it be cancelled or not".  I didn't do much, just a bit of puttering around the house, but  I did get out and get a few pictures... I even managed to catch some snowflakes as they fell ever so gently.

The walnut tree always looks rather majestic when it is covered in snow instead of leaves.

And since it was fairly cold, this snow was even nice and fluffy... not the wet gloppy mess we usually get.

This little rose bud won't be opening...

By Monday evening I was hoping for a snow day on Tuesday... but no luck.  Snow continued to fall on Tuesday and the temperatures plummeted as the cold air dropped down from British Columbia and the Fraser Valley... it looked like that Northeaster was going to happen after all.  By the time we got home around 6:00 pm the temperature was 9.3 degrees and yes, that is Fahrenheit.  No wind yet so no wind chill factor.

Wednesday morning the wind had started to blow... it was cold... so cold that ice had formed on the kitchen window.  One of the few windows in the house that doesn't sport a storm window in the winter months...

Not very energy efficient but it does look rather pretty...

And much to my delight!  A snow day after all, my office was closed.... a day to cozy up with the dogs and have the gas fireplace running all day long... perhaps a blanket or two may have been used.

And the temps?  Well it was 11.3 degrees Fahrenheit at 8:16 am...

With wind chill?  Negative 15! (sorry about the pic... blogger wasn't cooperating with me on this)

Needless to say, I didn't spend any time outside today....or even in my semi frozen front porch... although it does look rather pretty in a Dr. Zhivago kind of way.

A place chilly enough for this guy since there's no storm windows... or insulation... or heat out there!

Keeping the home fires burning... and thinking about what I'm wishing for now,


  1. Wow! Sure looks beautiful though!


  2. And oooh, wasn't the snow scene on Dr. Zhivago awesome!! Glad you had a little snow. Still waiting for some here in the Blue Ridge Mts. It's avoided our area so far this winter.

  3. We didn't get as cold as you today but I had to have our gas stove thermostat set a 73 degrees just to keep it normal inside..The poor chickens wouldn't even come out again today..I bribed them out at about 4:00 this afternoon with some leftover spaghetti. Your photos are great, it might be cold but it is sooo very pretty! Stay warm! xo

  4. I enjoyed your snow post. We had snow a plenty fall on Monday and Tuesday.. but it's up to 50 now and it's all drippy and not photogenic. I spent yesterday painting some Sumi Ink cards and posted them on my blog. Was fun to paint, by the fire and watch the snow fall.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I've heard about that unusual snow in your neck of the woods. It is certainly beautiful! As are all of your pictures.. just gorgeous. I'll take one of those greenhouses too, thank ya very much ;) Happy Winter! I guess we'll just try to enjoy it! Stay warm. -Tammy

  6. We're in the middle of it too - cold and snowy! It's pretty, but it can go any time soon!

  7. The snow does look really pretty. It is freezing here too and temps are dropping today. We have been inside for most of the week. Enjoy your cozy time and I think I know what you are wishing for now. ;)

  8. Even in the midst of the winter, during the bitter cold, your farm is so picture postcard perfect! You certainly seem to be experiencing worse weather than we're having here, although today is a chilly one. Keep warm and could you maybe wish for an early Spring next time around?

  9. Beautiful pictures. I do know that your area isn't used to much snow and bitter cold so it is unusual but glad to see that you enjoyed it via camera!! If it snows in the south it's not a pretty site on the roads. I grew up in the northeast so I know how to drive in it but down here...I wouldn't even attempt to drive! Best to stay inside and snuggle up with hot cocoa and a blanket! Great post.

  10. If you have time drop by & see what I had in my back yard here in the Fraser Valley!...over 20"
    I went out today for the first time since sat night!
    We live (sadly not on beautiful acreage like you) in a culdesac where the chief of police lives so we get plowed...but we have to shovel the end of the driveway where it clogs up!
    I love snow days to & we did a lot of reading here this week!

  11. Hasn't it been lovely? So glad you got to have your own snow day ! Stay cozy and be safe!

  12. I have to admit, I love the snow...and being snowed in sounds pretty good right now! It's -1 here and I'm ready to curl up with some books, a movie, and hot cocoa! Thanks for sharing such pretty photos.

  13. Lovely photos! We have not had a first real snow. Enjoyed your blog

  14. 11.5F???? Brrr! We got some snow, then it rained. Now~nothing!
    I love your Dr. zhivago porch!

  15. Ooooh, so pretty, Chris! Wednesday was the day all that snow made it to Montana, and we had a major dump. They even canceled school, and they never cancel school here! But, it warmed up and now we have tons of water and slush everywhere and lots of mud.
    Glad you got a snow day out of the deal!

  16. Still waiting for ours in NC...usually we get one by December, but none yet...yours looks beautiful!!

  17. Wow, you really got some snow. We have had a very light winter of snow so far, but around here salters, sanders and plows are plentiful. Lovely photos.

  18. I would love to get snow! Unfortunately living in South Carolina, I don't see that happening.. It snows one every ten years, did I mention is 78 outside. I would much rather be playing in some snow, and taking beautiful pictures!

    Just when you thought

  19. Gorgeous pictures of your snowy day. It makes me want to go hibernate! Did you get yourself that new light fixture? I hope you did and that you love it as much as I do.

  20. Love your photos!!!! I think snow is soooooo beautiful. I posted a blog the other day of my winter walk at minus 10 below in Alaska!!!
    Stay warm and enjoy!!
    Chris :o)

  21. We recieved some snow as well, but it looks like you got more than i did. Very nice images as well of the country side. Richard


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