Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting back to normal...

The Christmas cactus has lost it's blooms... and my home sweet home is finally getting back to normal.

I'm not sure why, but this past holiday season really did slow me down.  I don't know if it was the usual holiday happenings or the curve ball of changes that has been thrown my way for 2012...  Or maybe it was just the 400 pieces of these pecan bars that I ate that did me in....

No matter, I'm getting back on track.  Christmas is finally packed away in the basement, in 19 or so bins and counting.  The normal has been brought out of the closet and dusted off... put back in it's spot.

The decks are cleared again, both mentally and in reality... after all, there's a wedding in just 8 months 7 months and 7 days (are you sick of me mentioning this yet?).  I've got a new notebook on order, one to use for planning... and list making.  I'm an expert list maker... just ask my husband.  I may not get everything accomplished off my list but it will be in a pretty notebook or two.

And speaking of list making and notebooks, well the 2012 garden journal is under way as well.  The seed catalogs have been arriving in the mail like clockwork so the selecting and ordering can begin... Soon I will fill up my front porch with little seedlings of impatiens and wave petunias, a virtual little sea of green will sprout just like last year.  And of course, I'll be planting extra lime green and white zinnias for the big day in August.

And what on this chilly January day do I have to remind me of the blooms that are soon to come?  Well my little, beat up and straggly lemon tree is in bloom again on the front porch.

The lemons that were started last year are ready to pick... I've got a crop of ten beauties this year!

Perhaps enough for a glass of lemonade and a quite evening... you know, a little bit of sunshine in a glass.  Who says it can only be enjoyed in the summer.... and after all, I need to perfect my homemade lemonade recipe for August's big day.

I could enjoy it here on the porch, but it is a bit chilly this evening.  Believe it or not we've had blue skies here in Washington, which for us usually means cold temperatures....

And beautiful sunsets...

Looking forward to the long weekend, list making and maybe a little bit of that sunshine in a glass.... and if the weather forecast is right, even a bit of snow.


  1. I can so relate to trying to get back to normal. I think I go way overboard for Christmas. I'm not sure if you visited my blog.. but if you did you might understand what I mean. :-)
    I love your vintage glass and pottery and your porch and farmhouse! We live in a 100 year old farmhouse in the Columbia River Gorge.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. It sounds like we're having the same weather. :) I love your little lemon tree. I want one, but we don't get a lot of sun in our house.
    Christmas kind of zapped it all out of me, too. I think in my case it was the fudge.

  3. We're expecting some cold here too after a long stretch of mild weather and a green Christmas. Ah ... the lists! You go ahead a keep blogging about that Wedding 'cause it really is such a special time. Although I wasn't directly involved in my Step-Daughter's Wedding, I did sit back and have to listen to all the planning and replanning that was involved in that and boy oh boy, it's life consuming. Good luck!

  4. Loved hearing about your lists and new notebook for the wedding planning. It reminded me of my daughters wedding twenty years ago . . . I carried that plan book everywhere.

    The mix of pastel pink and light turgoise for your post holiday is lovely. Are the plates LuRay?

    I remember, (and saved the name . . . somewhere) for Zinnia seeds in January. I guess I need a Blog Idea notebook . . . could you tell me again the catalog name? Please/Thank you . . .

    Enjoy your planning . . . with you at the helm I am sure the wedding will be lovely . . .

  5. We too have had bold and beautiful sunsets. The colors have been in deep pinks, purples and yellows... just like yours. Wish I had photographed ours.

  6. It has taken me a bit to get back at it too, I think it is the time of year. Christmas is meant to be enjoyed and slow down a bit to spend with family and friends. I love the little lemon tree and a fresh glass of lemonade sounds good to me, enjoy!

  7. Good evening, fellow list maker;) Enjoy your weekend of planning. The chair with the pretty pillow and throw are really making me smile tonight, as is the gorgeous sunset photos. And yes, I'm pretty sure I am going to paint the oak mirror white and put it in the basement guest bedroom I am working on.

  8. So nice to hear from you Chris! Hasn't it been just beautiful out? I cleaned all my windows right before Christmas so they don't even look too bad with all this sun! Still hoping for snow though!
    Have you found pinterst yet? I have a board with all kinds of wonderful wedding ideas...maybe someday I'll get to plan one! If you need an invite, let me know!
    Stay cozy and get those wedding mags. out. Lots of great ones at the library...very current...we probably get 5-8 new ones every month.

  9. Congrats to you and your hubby to be!!!

    And of course your photos are just as lovely as ever...Im pretty sure that means you will have the most loveliest wedding too ;)!

  10. Oh, my goodness, you grow lemons. How fantastic! Also, your sunset photos are gorgeous.

  11. I too was a bit sluggish after Christmas. No sooner did I get the house back in order did I start junking it up again. Yesterday started pulling out Valentines decor. Your lemons look lovely. Sure wish I had a little lemon tree. I would fix me a Diet Coke with a lemon. Oh how that fruit adds a punch. Good luck with the wedding. I'm sure it will be fabulous!

  12. So glad you are Christmas Decorating Free..we are doing the last tonight!
    Very excited to hear about the up coming wedding!
    Your blue glass jars in your last post are wonderful!

  13. Oh my goodness...I adore your sweet lemon tree! It feels good to have everything put away for the season...until next year!

  14. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


  15. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!



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