Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday #14 - Leaving no stone unturned...

Or perhaps, I should say no store... online or brick and mortar... unshopped!  This wedding has been planned and shopped for using just about every source imaginable... thrift stores, garage and estate sales, antique stores, gardening shops and nurseries, boutique stores, hardware stores, ebay, etsy, the fabric store, Amazon, online wedding supply shops... even Ikea!

The lanterns that will be on the stairway where the bride will enter?  Ikea, of course.

But the galvanized look wasn't what we were going for....  a bit of spray paint, high heat for candles...

And three lanterns!  I must say, it took me FOREVER to tape these for painting... the glass panels were not easily removable and I didn't want to chance breaking any... so one roll of painter's tape later!

And that cute little luggage rack from the thrift store?

All ready to go...

Compliments of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and a bit of torn drop cloth strips... both items purchased in my local little town, at a fabulous boutique shop and the local hardware store

Another item from that boutique?  This old drawer lined with flash cards... love the crazing on that drawer!

Put it on top of a little wicker table from the thrift store (already in the perfect not-quite-white-shade of white) and voila... a holder for glasses.

Maybe I'll change up the flash cards for a bit of vintage lace paper doilies... or maybe not?

And why a little wicker table holding a drawerful of glasses?  Well to go next to this little wicker desk/vanity... The stopping place for a bit of lemonade or iced tea!

I'm thinking it will be a fabulous spot... and I might even keep some of the purple and green striped paper straws (purchased on Amazon) ready and waiting in that drawer!

I couldn't ignore my local antique stores for great deals and inspiration!  I finally finished this chippy little yellow table a shared with you a few months ago.

Painted with multiple layers and colors of ASCP to be a creamy white.  The painting part has been done but I finally got to the sanding, waxing and buffing this past weekend.  Isn't the garage setting a great back drop for my photo?

Of course the garden shops have helped... both online and in person, for my vast array of zinnia seeds.  Although we'll be using white or green zinnias I couldn't resist filling the jars up with something! (And there is a lot of pink to spare in my garden)

The iron hooks were a steal at the fabric store last February... $2.00 a piece!  We didn't want tall ones to obscure the ceremony and I personally don't like something hanging off of my chair so these were just right for the aisle.

I got 12 of these screw on flower frogs on etsy... and used my own quart canning jars.  The bands even hold the ribbon on securely!

A little mock up in the front yard... I wonder what the folks that drive by think of me and my photo/planning sessions?

The purple ribbon came from Paper Source... they sell gorgeous double sided satin ribbon and the color was perfect!

Can't you just picture it?  Well, without the pink that is...

And annother etsy find?  These hand stamped, vintage silver forks for the bride and groom... I'll mix them with some vintage silver spoons and knives I got at the thrift store.

So I must say... I think I used just about every resource available in shopping and planning for this wedding...

Can you believe there is just 2 1/2 weeks to go?


  1. So beautiful!! I just love everything!! xo Heather

  2. looking good!! love the silverware and the flower holders!

  3. You have done a great job we did a very similar thing with my daughters wedding, I think I like the paper doilies in the drawer best! Hugs, Diane

  4. I was thinking while looking at all of your great ideas, that you should go into this business...doing Weddings, you really have a gift. All of this is going to look like those fabulous spreads in magazines!..I love all of it! xo

  5. The wedding is going to be great. I love your ideas!

    I have to laugh at your comment on your garage back drop for the photo. Girl, it looks 100% better than my garage at this moment! I am working on a project and the other projects are sitting in there waiting their turn. I have no room left!

    I second Sherri B's comment!!

  6. Hi Chris: Looks like plans are coming right along. Love the canning jars on shepherds hooks for the flowers. It's going to be so pretty. I can't wait. My computer has been in the shop for awhile and I was so afraid I was going to miss the ceremony..Happy Planning..Judy

  7. It's going to be so beautiful~I think you've thought of everything!

  8. One of my blog friends from England just shared her daughter's wedding pix held at a country barn and it was just awesome. I look forward to seeing how it all turns out. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. You are amazing! All your ideas are so beautifully executed. Could you let us know from which etsy site you got the flower frogs?

  10. I would have loved to have those forks at my wedding. Just make sure the bride and groom get to eat the food from their wedding! Love all of the other pieces, you are such a good momma of the bride vintage shopper!

  11. Oh my goodness, the great ideas just keep coming! I can hardly wait!

  12. Hi Chris! Where's yesterday's post???!!! so anxious to see it all come together!
    Thanks for the sweet comment~I'm rather excited about having the wedding here...and scared to death too! I was thinking of you this week, as her colors are the same as your daughters, except grey instead of plum. Don't get rid of anything! I may be shopping at your garage sale!!!
    After all is said and done I would love to pick your brain on what worked, what didn't, what you'd do more of, what you'd do different.
    Thinking of you as you're preparing for this amazing week!!!

  13. Beautiful job. I wish I had discovered my 'crafty' side before I got married. I love all of your ideas! Nice to find a fellow blogger in the Seattle area! Do you have a facebook page for your blog? :)


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