Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday #15 - Let them eat cake...

First off... Wedding Wednesday is a bit late this week.  Yes, I know it's Saturday but we've been having internet issues and a lightning and thunderstorm last Tuesday did our wireless internet in... right down to our computer!  But we're back in business!

Just up the road from us is a home that is a venue for weddings.  A beautiful home on some acreage with views of Mt. Baker.  The homeowner is a pilot and has his own plane and hangar.  The hangar is the "indoor" part of the venue.  Every summer, May through September, when you drive by on most Saturdays there is a wedding going on.  Yesterday on my way to our little town of Lynden I passed by this sign for the days wedding.... if you've followed along you know that my daughter's initial is "K" and the groom to be's is "S"... so I couldn't resist!

As I've already said, we're incorporating vintage furniture pieces into the wedding.  Last week I found this dresser, already in the perfect state of white and chippy-ness... and it's larger size (almost 4 feet long) made it perfect for the cake "table".

I plan to use a little of my vintage lace tablecloth and runner collection...

Of course some zinnias from the garden...

And we won't be forgetting the cake stands...

Since we'll be having mini cupcakes and just one small cutting cake I think this will be just fantastic...

I thought about busting out some mini cupcake wrappers to fill up the cake stands to see how many they could hold but then I decided my neighbors and the folks driving by probably already think I'm crazy when I set up a little display like this in my driveway!

I figure we can even store the extra cupcakes that don't fit on the platters in the drawer or drawers for easy restocking throughout the night!

The plan is for the cupcake table to be in the huge tent at the wedding... don't want those little babies sitting in the sun (fingers and toes crossed).

And I have a little idea for something behind/above the table... with ribbons and vintage silver... and a few battery type votive candles... a la the Junk Gypsies of HGTV fame.... and a chalkboard or two, of course.

Since the cupcakes won't require plates or utensils... we did get some fabulous striped napkins... one of these little drawers will be the perfect place to tuck them in!

I have a number of other furniture pieces that will need to be transported the 2 hours and a ferry ride to the south... I'm not sure exactly what my husband is going to say... well actually I'm pretty sure I do know what he'll say!

But in the words of Scarlett O'Hara... I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow.

Just six days and one more Wedding Wednesday to go... I think I'd better get started packing!

And PS to Holly... you can borrow ANYTHING you'd like for next summer!


  1. Looks amazing . Bet you all are getting excited . Cant wait to see photos of this lovely sounding wedding ! Have a great day !

  2. Love this display, and it can only get better with the actual cake! Hope everything travels well for you...tell your husband that all your girlfriends have every confidence in him to pull it off!

  3. Everything looks fantastic! I am thinking you may need a U-haul truck or a trailer to get everything to the wedding. Or may be two trips? Enjoy every minute! You've worked hard and it's darling.

  4. Absolutely beautiful!! LOve everything! Such a gorgeous wedding it is going to be! Enjoy!! xo Heather

  5. Chris, you are so sweet!!!! I will be taking you up on that!!! It's funny, but I wanted to buy that dresser the other day, but there was a "sold" sign on it! At least I know it has a happy home! If you want to sell it after the wedding, let me know!!!
    I'm so excited to see everything put together for the wedding! You have great style!!!!

  6. I think this wedding is going to deserve a magazine spread~and I'm totally serious! It's going to be so beautiful!


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