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A storybook wedding....

It's taken me a lot longer than I anticipated to get this post done.... first, just catching up on my sleep took a bit and then I kind of struggled with how I wanted to share this day.... so after writing one post I decided to change it up and give you the "pretty" first... then I'll share the "nitty gritty" with you all... and yep, there was some "gritty" involved!  But for today... it will be the storybook version!  If you have been following "Wedding Wednesday" or even Red Gate Farm on Pinterest... well, you probably will remember some of what you will see here... a few things we planned had to be scrapped, but that's another story for another day....

Welcome, as a special guest, to my daughter's wedding.... Red Gate Farm style... a fun sun welcomes you... a sign made of pickets rescued from my son's home.

The beautiful blue sunny skies we'd enjoyed for weeks had given away to a gray day, fortunately no rain kind of day... and the view is still spectacular!

Yes, the big day has arrived... and so have you...

First perhaps you would like to find a spot to drop off a gift... or a card in this vintage train case...

Or sign the "guest book"?

The guest book wasn't a standard book but actually a tree with paper leaves... each guest or family should sign a leaf.  A wonderful memory for the bride and groom to hang in their home as newlyweds.... of course we removed it from the frame after this photo so that you can sign your leaf!
The six photos in white frames are of the parents and grandparents... actually their wedding photos... (Mine is the second from the right, if you're wondering....)

Perhaps you'd like to wander a bit while you wait for the ceremony to start?

And decide upon your seat?  Sides don't matter here....

Don't forget a program... another vintage suitcase makes the perfect spot to hold your program...

The programs were made as fans, in case of warm weather... but I don't think you'll be needing a fan today!

You may notice the jars of flowers down the aisle... just like we imagined... full of white zinnias from my garden as well as some purchased white dahlias.

And the altar?  It was simple and just what the bride wanted.

Of course the builder, Mr Red Gate Farm, couldn't help but tweak it a bit when installing it.  Some of the wood used wasn't quite straight enough for him and he had to fuss with it a bit.

The hydrangea topiaries?  Well they made the 2 plus hour drive plus ferry ride in one piece!  Not one broken branch or crushed flower!  And they were a gorgeous shade of green, just perfect!

And in case you're wondering... the fabric attached to the altar is actually 3 curtain panels from IKEA.... at $5 a pair you couldn't beat the price at a total of $7.50 for the whole thing!   And if you look closely you can see the boat that the bride and groom will be leaving the reception aboard to head to Port Ludlow.  How fun of an exit is that?

Oh, and what is going on down below on the beach?  Well the bride and groom had chosen to have a "first look" session with their photographers.

The bride of course is wearing her hot pink boots for the beach!

But enough of our spying on the happy couple... it may be time to head back to our seat...

And admire the flowers one more time.... and you may notice that they are not hung on the chairs along the aisle but on chair back height sheppard hooks.  I don't like to be the person in the chair with something hanging from the back and taller hooks can block the view of the bride and groom!

And speaking of flowers... the bride's bouquet is certainly breathtaking...

And the boutonnieres for the men are too fun... the florist incorporated hops (the green "flower") at our request since the groom is a beer aficionado and home brewer as well...

The groom's aunt is the officiant.  She is doing such a fantastic job, what a wonderful memory.

A glimpse of the entire wedding party.... the best man is the groom's father, the maid of honor is the groom's sister and the groomsman to the far right is the bride's sister.

The bride and groom wrote their own vows... and exchanged their rings in Swedish (the groom) and Norwegian (the bride) to honor their Scandinavian heritages.

And the kiss!

And then it's time for the happy couple to make their way back up the aisle as Mr & Mrs!

Now that the ceremony is over and you've had a chance to dry your eyes, perhaps you would like a refreshment while the bride and groom have more photos with their families?

We have a great selection...

As well as coffee to ward of the chill (yes even in August!)...
That cute purple pomander was made by the bride... using a styrofoam ball and tons of crepe paper and hot glue!  The plan of multiples quickly dwindled to just two!  The fabulous vintage crate is full of milk glass coffee cups... and has "White Rock Soda" printed on the side... the name of the town (in British Columbia) where the bride's paternal grandmother and maternal great grandmothers grew up!

And it wouldn't be a celebration without paper straws!

So pick a glass...

And fill it up! Er, as soon as I fill the dispensers with iced tea and lemonade that is!

But perhaps you were hoping for a more adult beverage?  Well, we have those too....  so pick your poison.

And then just mosey on up to the bar... and help your self to a small snack of local peanuts while you wait for the bartender to serve you...

And don't hesitate to check out the decor and signs sprinkled around....

After all, the chalkboards were planned as a big element in the decor....

With beverage in hand perhaps you wish to find your table?

The chippy shutters were hinged together to make a fantastic place card holder... find your name...

And table number...

I hope you can find your table... there are quite a few of them....

Everything looked just as planned with the bud vases, zinnias, taffy favors, napkins with tags and thrifted collected silverware!  The help I had setting the tables followed my specific directions to a "t"... for which I am very, very grateful!

We economized on the paper lanterns since we were running short on time to hang them... but that is a story for another day!

And do you spot a familiar face or two on this bottle of soda?  Yep, that is the happy couple's engagement photo.  One that was taken right here at Red Gate Farm.  Of course the flavor is grape (purple)!

And speaking of the happy couple... you may notice that the bridal party table was created with family in mind...  The "s" and "k" that I found last spring a top a stack of vintage suitcases...  And milk glass vases line the table for the bride's bouquet... as well as the bridal party bouquets.  You may not see it from where you are standing but the bridal table has the bride's great grandmother's silverware to use for dinner...

And I should note to you that the bride made this fantastic sign... something to keep and hang after the wedding... she became quite the chalk artist.... and maybe you recognize this chalkboard and frame too?

A cute little "mr" and "mrs" to mark their spots...

Huge dinner plate dahlias from my garden... held in a vintage silver teapot, sugar and creamer that belonged to the bride's great-great grandparents... a vintage lace tablecloth made by the bride's great grandmother... and of course, a bottle of champagne to toast with.

The chairs couldn't be left unadorned... a few ribbons, a couple of vintage pillows and a big purple "&" sets the stage...

Above their heads you may notice the cluster of rose covered lanterns...

And maybe while on your little tent tour you noticed the plethora of candy in the corner?  A little bit of sweetness to have now...

Or share with your table mates....

Or even to take a bit home?  Do you see the picture in the back?  Well it's the bride and groom's cute little dog, Freyja.  Since she couldn't be part of the ceremony (she was on a doggie vacation) she was here in picture form....
And maybe you noticed the vintage lamp complete with rose, ribbon covered shade?  I used a couple of vintage lamps... and so that they didn't need to be plugged in I used small LED battery operated lights from IKEA... just wound them around the existing light bulb and flipped the switch.

OH, but wait... the DJ is making an announcement....

Introducing the new Mr & Mrs to the crowd... and nope, she doesn't get those blue eyes from me.

Now that the bride and groom are here... well it's time to eat!  And do we have a fantastic spread for you to enjoy... everything is cooked on a huge grill/smoker that the caterer pulled in.  And when I say everything, I mean everything was cooked here!  The mashed potatoes, bread and obviously, the meat!  The bride and groom made a great selection when they chose the menu and the caterer....

And if you're looking for a little more sweetness after dinner?

You'll find it here at the cake table...

You can't really see it in the photos but I draped another sheer IKEA curtain behind the "table" and strung purple and green ribbons to jazz up the tent wall a bit... more dahlias in milk glass... with a tinge of purple on the edges.

And that little item I promised to show you long ago?

Well I used a set of vintage cake toppers, a mini glass dome, vintage sheet music and ribbon.... and lots and lots of glitter.  Sort of a keepsake "cake" if you will for the bride and groom to take home.  And you'll notice that the music is for "An Apple Blossom Wedding"... how appropriate!

Although guests like you are offered a choice of fabulous cupcakes... the bride and groom did have a cutting cake made of purple velvet... a special request of their baker instead of red velvet.... The dresser came in handy as a cake table... we could even store the extra cupcakes in the drawers for the necessary restocking!!

You'll also see the Kransekake, Scandinavian celebration or wedding cake, under the chalkboard sign...  a traditional cake made of almond flour that tastes heavenly (if you like almonds).... and tucked in the drawer are more little take out boxes... just right for you to take a cupcake or two home!

And after the bride and groom cut the cake?

Well it's time to move the "love" on...

To the dance floor and the first dance as husband and wife... to a Brad Paisley song...

After the bride and groom there were the traditional dances... father and daughter... son and mother... and then the anniversary dance.  All married couples are invited to the dance floor... then the DJ starts counting up the years until the longest married couple is left... the bride gave her bouquet to the couple instead of the "toss"... it turned out to be my parents who celebrated their 52nd anniversary this summer.

Since the guests really packed the dance floor after this, you probably will be going home with some sore toes... but I must say I think I loved this the most.... the sheer joy of everyone having such a wonderful time on such a special day.

So we'll leave you with thanks...

As the bride and groom board their little boat and head off into the sunset... or out to "sea"... or at least Port Ludlow...

I'm pretty pleased with how everything turned out, so much as planned...  As we were going through the ceremony and reception it didn't seem real... after all the dreaming and scheming... to see it in "real life" seemed so surreal, in an absolutely FABULOUS kind of way,

I must give a HUGE thanks to the groom's aunt, Jan.  Not only was she a big help but many of the photos here are her photos!  I didn't take very many, one of my many faults when I plan and set up anything... I forget to stop and take pictures!

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