Sunday, September 16, 2012

The new normal... & a little project

I've finally been working on some little projects for fall around Red Gate Farm... getting back to normal after everything this year has been slow coming... an empty nester after 24 years and then a summer wedding... well, it has really surprised me in how hard it's been to just get back to a normal life... but I think I'm finally finding my new normal...

And after mastering the chalkboard art we used for the wedding (like how I continue to work that into my posts?) I decided to make a quick and easy sign on my vintage slate chalk board...

Using chalk markers makes this an easy project and easy to change for seasons and holidays.  One downside to these markers is they can't be used on chalkboard painted surfaces since it won't come off... but they work beautifully on slate chalkboards and glass... so....

I'm finally making time for a project simply because I want to.  After all of the chalkboards that were made for the wedding I knew I wanted to make something similar and permanent.... and I had an exact phrase and location in mind.

Off to the thrift store and I found exactly what I was looking for... an 11 x 14 frame, with glass intact and ready to hang for $6.99.  Probably not the cheapest frame but it was exactly what I was looking for.

I still have 1/2 of a quart can of chalkboard paint and already had the frame paint I wanted to use... ASCP in Duck Egg Blue.

The phrase?  Well it's the title of a country song... a song used at my daughter's wedding for the anniversary dance.  I think it speaks for itself...

I used publisher for the font/text and printed out the page in the size/scale I was looking for.  Taped it behind the glass and...

Using the chalk marker we purchased for the wedding chalkboards I traced over the printed words/text... right onto the glass.

Here you can see it better without the paper behind the glass... 

Then out came the chalkboard paint and I painted the reverse side.  In the future, if I want to change out the text/words I can simply wash off the current phrase... of course next time I wouldn't be able to just trace over the words like I did here since I have now painted the reverse side... but I don't plan to change this any time soon.  Sorry about the reflection... this was in the evening after work...

But the final project?  Turned out exactly as I pictured it...

I had never liked how the gas fireplace exhaust pipe was the only thing on this wall... but didn't quite know what I wanted to do.

I recently found this cute little basket and knew it would be just the thing... knowing that I needed a "3rd" item to round this out is what got me started on my newest chalkboard idea....

And the pipe doesn't look so lonely and out of place... just floating there on that wall...

Looking forward to a sunny, colorful, slow and lazy fall,

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  1. It looks great! Glad that pipe isn't so lonely ;-)

  2. You did a wonderful job, Chris! I wish I could write as neatly as you did on the chalkboard. I've never made one simply because I have nowhere to put one! :(

    I know you had a busy summer, I hope the wedding was everything the bride and groom wanted it to be!

    Have a happy week!


  3. Chris,
    Looks great! I don't know if I could follow the stencil so well...

  4. How fabulous! I wish I had time for crafting again... my job keeps me away for 11 hours daily and to bed early...

  5. I really like this idea and it looks great on your wall!

  6. Oh, I LOVE it. Where do you purchase a chalk marker? Hobby Lobby? Michaels? Please tell! What a great, great idea!

    1. Bistro Chalk Markers... and I could only find them online. Quite a few Etsy stores offered them....


  7. The creativity just keeps pouring out of you! Lovely!

  8. A really great phrase and quite a clever DIY for sure. Looks nice on that wall...We have a wall just like that! xo

  9. It all looks fantastic. I love your chalk sign...
    I have a woodburner with MY pipe running up to the ceiling..I have a mantel behind it and it is sure hard to decorate. :)
    Over from TT

  10. Dear Amazing Chris,
    I am Lynda.
    Holly's friend.
    The one who used the milk glass punch bowl for a salad bowl. :)
    I am always amazed by your industry.
    You are productive!
    I am wondering how you got the fall design on the chalkboard.
    Would love to do that!!!
    I believe we are all kindred spirits.


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