Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall, in a day

We've been enjoying an unusually sunny, dry and warm end of summer and start of fall here in my corner of the world... But fall finally arrived in Northwest Washington... the past weekend was dark, wet and windy.  I must say, there's nothing like a little bit of blustery weather to make you want to curl up at home, inside, with a good book and a hot cup of something.

Much of the fall foliage is showing it's colors... and with the windy weather some of the foliage is no longer attached to the trees...

And although I don't have much in the way of fall foliage here at Red Gate Farm... I sure seem to have accumulated some leaves from someplace!

Not to mention a few pine needles...

I'm sure the perennials loved the drenching rain we finally have had after months of next to none, really.... none.

 And I know my two labs were happy to spend a Saturday snoozing the day away...

On my bed... with my pillows no less.  And no, they weren't interested in a book or a hot cup of tea...

Not really sure why I've been looking forward to a rainy day... since we'll probably have grey skies and rain for the next 6 months...


  1. Happy endings . . . wind, rain and comfies!

  2. Almost all of the Northwest bloggers have said the same thing about the was just too strange to go so long without any rain at all, very strange indeed.

    Our dogs have retreated to the 'cave' behavior also..and any bed will do. xo

  3. Funny how even if you don't have trees on the property that leaves always find their way to your lawn, don't they?

  4. Maybe my leaves are at your house? I love your big cozy dogs.. mine is little. I just looked over and MY racken fracken dog has pulled my crocheted blanket off the back of the leather chair and has made a nest in it. grrr. Just put up a post.. come on over for a visit. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Sweet home and such cute dogs! Wishing you some rain. We had a one day of rain and some cool weather, but now the heat is back. Have a lovely week. xo Heather

  6. We have had our share of rain lately and I was so glad to wake up to sunny skies! We have a lot of leaves but with the high winds yesterday, they landed everywhere but on our lawn! ;-D

    Your labs are beautiful...I love big dogs!


  7. Lovely photos. I do like your home , so cute . We just had a few days of rain and high winds and Miggy and I did just that cuddled up and I had tea and read my book. Now I am looking forward to the sunshine they say for tomorrow to get out in the yard and finish up the rest of my summer clean up ! Have a good day !

  8. So relax life! I like the life style!


  9. I SO missed the rain, and like you know that rain will probably fall from slate gray skies until late spring... love that shot of your pups!

  10. I just love your home! It is so sweet and that fall grouping on your porch is just perfection! I'd give a front tooth to have acreage and an older home. The rain will be there soon enough, huh? My brother lives in Seattle and he talks about those gray days as he misses the sun that we have here. Your pups look so cozy....such sweetie pies.


  11. Lately I haven't been making the time to visit all of my favorite blogs, but my goodness, when I finally do land here, it's always such a pleasure! That shot of the road and mailbox just makes me think of taking a ride down a country road on a crisp Fall day, watching the leaves flutter down from the trees. Love that!

  12. I loved the wonderful little storm that crept upon us! Nothing better than to have the work done outside so you can enjoy the inside. I finished reading a wonderful book, have a whole playlist I titled "Thanksgiving", and made lots of freezer meals and cookies. Did a little stitching too, which always delights my heart!
    I did get caught in the rain yesterday as I was cleaning up the last of the sunflowers when the sky opened up! It wasn't cold, so I just kept going...that hot shower felt great! I'm ready for a reprieve of yard work and an abundance of "whatever I feel like doing" time!!!
    Cheers! (with some hot apple cider!)


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