Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Please Mr. Postman....

I love sending little care packages... especially surprise ones!  When my daughter was in college I sent her little things pretty regularly... especially that first year.  I even sent little packages when she was living away in Toronto.... I loved finding a little something and pairing it up with odds and ends... even freebies.  I think I actually still have a few of them hanging around 5 or 6 years later!  Perhaps my fondness of this little tradition goes back to when my husband was in school in Phoenix and I was still here in Washington... we sent letters to each other almost daily and sometimes little packages would arrive as well... once the package was almost as big as me and contained a 4 foot tall Pink Panther, really.

I thought it was time to dust this tradition off and start again... and no better time than Halloween!  I've amassed a bit of this and that...

I found a small box and some vintage pattern pieces to use for tissue/wrapping... tuck in a little bit of Martha Stewart Halloween and some tissue decorations...

Of course a cute little nut cup, in the appropriate colors.

And we can't forget something with GLITTER!

These little truffles I picked up last Friday at a local craft and antique show.  Aren't the ghost, mummy and jack-o-lantern cute?  And because of the recipient of this little package... well the jack-o-lantern truffle is bacon flavored, although not MY personal favorite the recipient will appreciate it!

So I placed a piece of the pattern/tissue in the box...

Added my goodies.... some wrapped in additional pattern/tissue and vintage seam binding in orange and black.  And I couldn't leave out some paper straws.  In black, orange and lime green... with a vintage orange chenille stem to keep them together.

Folded over half of the pattern/tissue and added this wonderful little graphic I picked up at local store, Grandiflora, which you may remember from some of my prior posts... then folded the final pattern/tissue over.  All ready to take to the Post Office after work today.

A fun way and inexpensive way to send a little love....

Or even a trick or a treat!


  1. Oh boy.. what a nice mom. My mom never sent anything to me. Wah. What a great package! ((hugs)), Teresa :-) (at the beach!)

  2. The sweetest package and one that will bring a happy smile!! xo Heather

  3. What a wonderful thing to do ! Now a days people don't send packages or even a card or note any more by post ! I think it is still a wonderful way to send a little care and love one's way makes it more personal to get something nice in the mail box ! Have a great day !

  4. What a nice mama! I'm getting ready to send my sister a little package (no mama for us :( ) I've been making little sweater pumpkins like crazy and thought she might enjoy some of those.
    Your daughter is going to be so thrilled!

  5. What a sweet care package! She'll be delighted!

  6. What a great little surprise! I send packages to my sons...even though they are just a couple hours away!


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