Monday, December 10, 2012

I'm dreaming of....

Nope... not a white Christmas.  Not that a little snow at the holidays isn't pretty but it does cause a bit of a hassle for holiday traveling... and with a Tuesday holiday it's already cut a little short.  No my dreaming is more of the self serving, selfish kind, like my Christmas wish list!

And I had just the place and item to use to create a little wish list...

I found this wicker frame in the "freebie" box at our local thrift store... I think it was at least 1 1/2 years ago.  I picked it up not knowing what I wanted to do with it.... which of course meant I couldn't FIND it when we started creating chalkboards for the wedding last August.  Since I finally got around to a bit of cleaning in my sewing room... well there it was tucked way back in the closet... buried by piles and piles of other "projects" in the "project graveyard".  When I finally pulled it free I knew just what I wanted to do with it...

I broke out my stash of ASCP samples, a piece of cardboard I cut to size and my fabulous Bistro Chalk Marker.  For this chalkboard I decided to just use cardboard... the wicker frame was very light weight and I wanted the sign to be hung easily and quickly...  think hot glue gun attachment!  To the wicker that is, not the wall... I'm not quite that desperate in my holiday decorating!  I also chose to paint the "board" with grey (Paris Grey) chalk paint instead of actual chalkboard paint... mostly because it was easier to find and dries so quickly.

I already had my image from Pinterest... it was an easy transfer onto the painted cardboard...  I used the same transfer technique as before... since the pencil tracing actually left an indent on the "chalkboard" cardboard.   I'll have to remember this for future parties or other times I want a quick and temporary chalkboard!

So here it is... my new, FREE, chalkboard is tucked away in a corner of the dining room... Surrounded by my vintage foil silver bells and a large Santa my mom made me many years ago.

And my list?  Well I still need to add my "wish-ful thinking" to it... and I'd better get busy or there may be no gifts under the tree for me this year!  Mr. Red Gate Farm kind of likes having it spelled out for him... literally.

But then again....

Perhaps I should be taking my other chalk board art to "heart"... with it's Grinch quote...

I guess we'll see come Christmas morning...


  1. I love the wicker chalk board soo cute ! Great job. Have a good evening !

  2. Love all your chalkboards! So creative!! Happy Monday! xoHeather

  3. What great ideas to use as decorations...I love you chalkboards! Happy Monday!!

  4. I love chalkboards and these are super cute Chris! Better get busy on that list!

  5. That's a great looking chalkboard! I like the quote on the other one, too.

  6. Love the vintage holiday decor! I've gotten to the point that I show hubby what I want on Amazon or a website and he goes.. ok.. and I order it. Then when it arrives I give it to him to give to me. :-) But he does go and get me a few surprises, too. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Really cute little chalk boards! I should make one for my kitchen.

  8. Another wonderful idea made into reality...although it's nice to know you have a project graveyard too! (I like that term!) I also like that you left plenty of lines for all those gift ideas for your honey!
    I messed up my blog yesterday...don't know if I can get it back...may be time to end!

  9. I love the chalkboard...I have to find that marker! You're really so clever...thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Your chalkboard is so pretty, it turned out great! I love making them too. I see that you are from Washington State. My husband and I lived there for a year for his job, and I didn't want to leave! I loved it there, we lived right on the Puget Sound, and it was amazing!

  11. I love it, Chris! I was admiring something similar on Pinterest last week and wishing I could do chalkboard art.


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