Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sweet and sweeter....

My little collection of pink holiday houses and trees is very, very sweet.  I keep it up year round in my sewing room to enjoy.  One of the houses I won a couple of years ago in a giveaway from a blogger friend I was lucky enough to meet when I visited Toronto... another was purchased, by me, from the same seller on Etsy that also happens to be a blogger and finally the third was a gift from a co-worker from this fabulous Seattle store.

But this is a little bit of a bait and switch since the sweet I'm talking about is this little recipe I've been wanting to try ever since this blogger talked about it the first time and pinned the recipe on Pinterest to share a whole year ago.  I even found myself with all of the necessary ingredients, so what the heck...

I did decide to add white chocolate chips to the mix... I was going for a marbled swirly look... I also tried to cheat a bit and not melt the chips before spreading.  I thought if I sprinkled them on while it was hot from the oven, they would soften enough to spread... no such luck.  Especially with the white chocolate chips.  Not the most appealing thing that has come out of my oven.

 BUT the bit of messy and ugly doesn't affect the taste one. single. bit.  These babies are DANGEROUS!  My personal favorite of butter, brown sugar and salt (believe it or not I could skip the chocolate all together) all in one fabulous, scrumptious, bite of heaven!

I think I'll be taking some of these into work to share with my co-workers...

So here I am this week... looking at something sweet... and tasting something sweet!

Life doesn't get much better.


  1. I love eating almonds, pretzels and m&m's I bet that's heaven! I love your sweet little houses! Happy Wednesday!!

  2. That looks like a very addictive little treat! And I love vntage pink at the holidays!

  3. So sweet and yummy!! Love your sweet trees and pink houses!! xo Heather

  4. Your pink sparkly houses and pastel trees are eye candy! I think I need more pink in my life.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Your pink houses are just so sweet! And so are your bottle brush trees! The chocolate pretzel treat does sound yummy! Nothing like a salty-sweet-chocolatey snack:) Have a wonderful Christmas!


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