Wednesday, June 12, 2013

unexpected beauty

Do you like surprises?  The happy go lucky, unexpected and beautiful kind?  Sometimes they are all around you and you just need to slow down and see them.

I happened to notice the other day that there was a bit of pink peeking out of the tall weeds under the cherry tree.  Last summer when the retaining wall was put in a bit of the extra dirt, grass and the huge compost pile was moved down in the little corner of our 20 acres.  Fill actually since the mister wanted to level this corner that dropped down into the ditch and the neighbor's yard making it tough to mow.

Today I took a little stroll down the road to see what exactly those spots of pink were...  The weeds are so high in the ditch along the road that you can barely make it out...

Boy, I was surprised to see three very large pink poppies!

I'm not sure where they came from... I've never had a poppy.  I do recall there being a RED poppy growing in the compost pile a few years ago, but not this pretty pink poppy.

 Sometimes the unexpected beauty comes when you snap a picture that you really like...

Or even a kind that doesn't look real... no touch ups or picmonkey finishes here.  I guess the scabiosa just really pops against my lime thyme... kind of an Andy Warhol kind of beauty, I think.

But see... it's the real thing!

The lavender is looking pretty spectacular as well.  Perhaps you've noticed a common theme in my front flower beds?  When I planned them 8 long years ago, I went with mostly purples and chartreuse kinds of colors.  I'm still liking that decision.

 And while I was snapping a few pictures of the foxglove...

 And hydrangeas...

I had an unexpected surprise "buzz by" from this little guy (center top of picture).  Can you make him out?  I've never been harassed by a hummingbird before!  I must have invaded his territory because he chased me all the way around the east side of the house...

Past the hanging basket...

To the bird garden where he zoomed up into one of the evergreen trees.  Fortunately this little bee on my elderberry wasn't disturbed by the whizzing bird, fanning tail and shrill chirping from my obviously agitated hummingbird friend!

Since he finally left me along, I could stop and enjoy this elderberry in full bloom.  I love the black, dark leaves of the elderberry against all the other green of the garden.

 The cherry pink of one of my fuchsias really pops against the barn wood bench.  Kind of an unexpected pairing but I like the juxtaposition.

And this rustic, vintage birdhouse look so cute tucked in among the daylilies and a few of my white impatiens.

The grape in front of the chicken coop is covered in little clusters of tiny little grapes again this year.  The bright, bright chartreuse color is stunning and seems to glow when the sunlight hits it.  By September the grapes will turn a pale purple-y red and be ready for picking.  I'll be sure to beat the birds this time!

 And I even have a super cute strawberry cart I can use for my grape "harvest"!

But the real message I want to pass along is to be sure to slow down and look around...

Because you never know where that unexpected beauty might be found,

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  1. Finding the pink poppies was fun, I like unexpected surprises that make you wonder how they got there. I enjoyed the tour of your gardens.

  2. Everything sure is beautifully in bloom there!

  3. found you via Fishtail Cottage blog :) I am in Oregon 20 miles SE of Salem. I love your property tour--those pink poppies are amazing, somebody probably planted those a long, long time ago. We have some beautiful old roses growing up the road on an old farmstead gone long ago, I always think about what love must have gone into the planting of those.

  4. What a lovely surprise in the pink poppies :) I once found someone's forgotten garden in an empty lot that was eventually taken over by developers. All kinds of old-fashioned flowers sprinkled through the tall weeds. A melancholy spot that I liked to go with the dog for some quiet thinking time. Thanks for sharing this lovely tour of your home gardens ... they're beautiful and inspiring. Wendy

  5. How interesting to have the pink poppies show up. Did you ever have poppies in a bouquet and put it in the compost, perhaps?

    Your entire yard is just beautiful with everything in bloom. xo

  6. I'm visiting via Fishtale Cottage. What a wonderful find to discover a poppy; perhaps a cooperative bird can be credited with your lucky discovery.

    Your photos are beautiful and I like the colour choices you made for your garden plants.


  7. Your photos, and you garden, are lovely. Amazing that you were able to capture the bee and the hummingbird too.

  8. Your home and gardens are just beautiful. How fun for you to have the pink surprise! Perhaps a little birdie dropped a seed? Everything is so lovely.

  9. What fun finding such an exotic flower in your pasture! Funny thing.. this morning my DIL brought in the most beautiful flower, a purple Campanula, that grew out of the gravel by our barn.. we have NO idea where it came from! Have a nice Father's Day! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Hello Chris, this is my first time visiting your blog. Your flowers are very pretty and I too love the outdoor gardens. Looking forward to visiting more.....I am your newest follower! Blessings~~~Roxie

  11. Your garden looks beautiful and your photos are lovely!


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