Sunday, June 23, 2013

life's little surprises

Sooooo........ funny little story.  Remember that vintage glider that I was so enamored of?  The one that got away?

Well funny thing... I found one last weekend, a new one, online at a great price.  It was through one of those sites that has daily "pop up" kind of sales.  At $379 which included shipping, it was a great deal.  This was last weekend and so by Sunday I took the plunge and placed an order on the final day of the sale.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your view, I mentioned it to my daughter last Tuesday... who mentioned it to my husband since she knew that HE had purchased THE glider for me for my birthday.

And the funny story?

Well he had actually had the antique store hold this with a phone call... a phone call that was a few days before my visit on that Friday.  That week that I didn't manage to get to the antique store... well it didn't matter since he had already put a hold on it.  Since the owner really seems to like him, and tells him about fun vintage lights and other farmy things, she was willing to hold this for him for a few days until he could get over there on the weekend.

So that Friday when I finally DID stop, when I walked around the corner and the lady was putting a hold tag on MY glider? It's because my husband called them while I was on my way to the store be sure HIS name wasn't on the tag... when I walked around the corner of the store that day she was switching out the tags.

Now, at first I kind of hoped my husband HAD bought this for me... but over the following week I mentioned my online research and he had looked them up too.  I didn't get the feeling that he had bought this based on what he said... I guess for once the surprise worked since this beauty has been sitting at my son's house for the last month...

Just waiting for my birthday in the middle of July.

Of course now that the cat's out of the bag on the surprise, the glider is in it's spot here at Red Gate Farm.  And with our warm and pretty nice weather I'll get to enjoy it a little more than if I had to wait all the way until July 18th!

So if you don't see me over the next few days...

I'm probably here, with my kindle... and an iced tea...

Swaying to and fro,

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  1. Happy Birthday . . . enjoy a smooth "Glide!"

  2. Oh how wonderful! I am so excited for you!

    Happy Early Birthday!!

  3. BTW, I love the design of yours!

  4. What a wonderful, loving and sneaky husband you have... LOL So glad you got it!

  5. That is so sweet!! Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the swing, what a sweet hubby!!!

  6. this is the reason why I only get jewelry on my birthday.

    Too complicated to surprise me with such a wonderful gift you received! And they were ALL in on it :)

  7. Best story of the day! What a fabulous hubby, who knows you and loves you so well!

  8. Well there's a happy ending! Enjoy!


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